Fortress Investment Group Has Launched Brightline Passenger Rail Service

Fortress Investment Group has launched the Brightline Passenger Rail Service that provides world-class hospitality for its customers as they travel by railroad from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset investment firm that invests in various asset categories including real estate, infrastructure, credit, and private equity investments. The company has a strong track record of investing in income producing assets that are undervalued, distressed, and illiquid credit instruments. They have a reputation as one of the more respected alternative asset investment firms in the world and have become a major player within the investment arena by providing strategic opportunities for it’s more than 1750 institutional and individual clients to obtain enormous returns on investment. With the construction of the Brightline Passenger Rail Service Construction, Fortress Investment Group is establishing another opportunity to generate a very lucrative long-term income streams from this investment opportunity.

Brightline provides world-class hospitality within its cabins that provide its customers with an experience that exceeds the normal train ride established on the Tri-Rail systems. The railroad system Brightline constructed has a total cost of $3.1 billion and has amenities that are top-of-the-line and include leather seats, bike racks, free Wi-Fi internet, two power outlets, two USB ports per seat and wide aisles so passengers can travel comfortably on this 40-minute ride from Miami to Orlando. This investment is one of the first of many investments in the railway infrastructure within various geographical locations around the country. In fact, Chief Investment Officer, Wes Edens states that there are plans to provide trains to Jacksonville or Tampa and are actively seeking other geographic locations to provide similar services.

The criteria used to establish which states receive the next investments in infrastructure from Fortress Investment Groups’ Railway Portfolio will be based on trips that are from large metropolitan areas that are too far to drive and to close to fly. With the investments in the railway systems, Fortress Investment Group has provided another strong opportunity to build upon their reputation of creating stable long-term investment opportunities for lucrative returns for his clients. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the more respectable and profitable alternative asset investment firms in the world. With a global perspective on investing that is propelled by intellectual skilled talent from a very vast and knowledgeable executive staff creates a blueprint for continued expansion of their business model into various alternative asset categories.

On December 27, 2017, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank Group a global technology investment company that specializes in cutting-edge internet services, advanced telecommunications, AI, smart robots and various other trendsetting and technologically innovative areas of investment. With the foundation of strong leadership and analytical analysis and evaluation of various alternative asset categories, Fortress Investment Group has established itself as one of the more advanced investors in infrastructure in the country. The establishment and construction of the Brightline Passenger Rail Service, Fortress Investment Group has once again provided an opportunity to reap tremendous returns on investments with this capital asset.

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