How George Thoros Gets Criticized For Being A Philanthropist

The extreme right-wing has been at odds with George Soros for years. It all started during the Presidential race between George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry. George Soros was very much against the policies of Bush, especially because he thought the entire Afghanistan and Iraq wars were huge mistakes. He’s also progressive and a big supporter of human civil rights, something the right-wing didn’t like. So, with George Soros giving a lot of money to help elect John Kerry the right-wing began using him as a punching bag.

Nowadays the right-wing says that George Soros is secretly behind events that he clearly has nothing to do with. This extends all the way to the Nazi rally that was held in Charlottesville, Alabama. They claimed he bankrolled the Nazi’s knowing that their rally would be a disaster so that they would be even further discredited. It’s crazy conspiracy theories like this, or that he started Black Lives Matter, that shows that those on the extreme right will believe any conspiracy theory about George Soros that they come across.

The far right got even more up in arms in the latter half of 2017 when George Soros let it be known that he had transferred $18 billion of his wealth to his charitable foundation, Open Societies Foundation. They say that his philanthropy is secretly being used to fund all sorts of things that it never has before. They claim he’s an “elite” who wants to take over the world one country at a time. There are more than hints of anti-Semitism as well, although it’s not said overtly, given that he is a Jewish person. There’s also anti-immigration at work as he was born in Hungary and moved to the United States when he was in his 20s.

In truth, George Soros uses his Open Societies Foundation to fund democracy efforts in other countries around the world, especially in Central Europe. His foundation is providing more funding for pro-democracy causes than any other one on the planet. His foundation is also used to support human and civil rights, for example fighting for anti-discrimination laws and making sure they are enforced. His foundation also pays for things like travel grants for students, protecting marginalized people like the Roma in Europe, and supporting education.

People do have valid concerns about billionaires having far too much influence on society. However, coming up with boogymen who work everything behind the curtain really muddies the waters and doesn’t contribute anything healthy to society. There are valid concerns about global capitalism and politicians only working for their wealthy benefactors. However, these issues need to be addressed in a rational and fair way and not seeing conspiracies behind every corner. George Soros still has plans to donate more billions of dollar to his Open Societies Foundation and has no plans to let detractors stop him from doing what he feels is the right thing to do.

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