How Nick Vertucci Built A Successful Career In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is an American businessman who lives in the greater Santa Ana, California area. He owns Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which is a company that teaches people in both America and Canada how to make money in the real estate industry. He says that earlier in his life he grew up in a family of modest means. Paying for college was out of the question and so he decided to become an entrepreneur after graduating from high school.

For several years he owned a company that sold computer parts to other businesses as well as consumers. His business was rolling along doing really well, enough to pay for a home to share with his wife and three children and a good lifestyle. However, the economic crash of 2000 took his company down. Before long he had burned through all of his financial resources. It was at that point that Nick Vertucci says he regretted not saving more money and investing in his future.

Over the next year and a half he lost his marriage and just about everything he owned except his house. He found out about a real estate seminar and it opened his eyes to the possibilities of making buying and selling homes his new career. He developed a system which involved buying foreclosed homes in good locations, performing some upgrades on the home, and then selling it for a good to great profit.

Nick Vertucci now teaches this system to other through NV Real Estate Academy. He has also hired a team of real estate professionals who have come up with ways to make money in other areas of the industry than residential homes. This includes commercial properties, wholesale contracts, and buying homes as longterm rental properties.

The workshops his business put on are held in major cities across both the US and Canada. For March 2018, for example, there are workshops in Houston, Denver, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Indianapolis. Because these are free events they fill up quickly so anyone that wants to attend one of these events needs to act quickly when they see that NV Real Estate Academy is coming to their city.