Igor Cornelsen’s 3 Tips for Investing in Brazil

Brazil is on the path to recovery after being on the brink of an economic disaster, making it’s market a prime investment opportunity. Consistent positive growth is giving foreign and domestic investors increasing confidence.

Those who invest now, before others discover Brazil’s opportunities, will see vast returns as the economy continues to grow. Igor Cornelsen, one of Brazil’s most prominent major investment bankers, has three pieces of advice for those who are looking to grow their wealth and make informed investments into a foreign market like Brazil

  1. Learn the Currency Restrictions

Exchanging currency in Brazil can be a hassle for those who don’t know the laws. Unless you’re a resident or a local business, you’ll have to visit an authorized bank to exchange your currency. Once you have determined which bank you will use, don’t exchange your currency right away. In Brazil, different transactions have different exchange rates. Don’t lose money unnecessarily, learn about the currency laws to maximize your investment.

  1. Connect with Brazilian Entrepreneurs

In Brazil, 25% of citizens between the ages of 18 and 64 are entrepreneurs. A smart investor would use these business-oriented citizens to their advantage in focus groups, networking, and to gain more information about upcoming opportunities. If you ask the locals for information on investments, you get a much more realistic picture, helping you to make smart and informed decisions. Investment advice from a Brazilian is worth its weight in gold, according to Igor Cornelsen.

  1. Get Ready for the Government

The red tape in Brazil can be overwhelming. The national government has consistently over-regulated business, imposed high taxes, and restricted the labor market. The state keeps a firm grip on the market, especially now, as the country returns from the brink of disaster. Be warned, wading through the red tape can be difficult. Proper research into the laws and regulations can take time, but it sets you miles ahead of the competition.

Igor Cornelsen’s investment firm has been helping foreign investors find profitable opportunities in Brazil for years. If you’re looking to grow your wealth by investing in a foreign market, these tips from such a knowledgeable investor can be a great asset. Invest in Brazil now, before other foreign investors flood the market, and expect to see high returns as the economy flourishes in the coming years.