Jorge Moll and The Fantastic Initiative and Passion He Has for Research and Medical Service

People these days put themselves under too much stress that they even come up with a fresh idiom about it: heart in your mouth. When your heart is in your mouth, it means you’re anxious or agitated because of some nervous scenario that you probably gave yourself. This is common to people, but what’s also noteworthy to say here is that we also have people like Jorge Moll, who is talented and enduring enough to withstand the stresses of life.


The Head and Founder of Education and Research Firm

Despite the fact that Jorge Moll is the research and education firm leader behind D’Or Institute, that doesn’t mean that he’s no longer able to function from too much stress. In fact, we learned from an interview that Jorge is leading in the search for solutions in different pathophysiological diseases. Jorge received his medical background in Neuroscience at the Federal University at the Rio de Janeiro, where he also completed his residency. This background may probably be the contributor of why he has a high tolerance for stress right now and why the work he does delivers quality results.

The drive to help people is also in the genetic make-up of Jorge Moll. He wants to assist people with neurological degenerative diseases, and it is his passion to offer his skills and expertise to deliver them from their marginalized lives. Jorge Moll passion could be the reason why he is selected as the Director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit in Brazil ( In the interview, we also learned that his position at this non-profit group came from his deep interest in world-class research and healthcare solutions.


About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll, as we already know, is known for his role as the President-director of D’Or institute in Rio de Janeiro. Some of the awards that he earned include being awarded as the Research Fellow NIH awardee in 2004-2007. Jorge Moll also an elected affiliate member of the renowned Brazilian Academy of Sciences, which makes Mr. Moll one of the most reputable scientist researchers today. He has also earned the distinction of being a Visiting Scholar Awardee at the Stanford Neuroscience Institute.