Journal of Sport Management: Issue 2, 2009 -
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The Journal of Sport Management aims to publish innovative empirical, theoretical, and review articles focused on the governance, management, and marketing of sport organizations. Submissions are encouraged from a range of areas that inform theoretical advances for the management, marketing, and consumption of sport in all its forms, and sport. Browse the list of issues and latest articles from Journal of Global Sport Management. Log in Register Cart. Search in: Top; Journal Journal of Global Sport Management Submit an article Journal homepage. List of issues Latest articles Partial Access; Volume 5 2020 Volume 4 2019 Volume 3 2018 Volume 2 2017 Volume 1 2016 Browse journals by.

Sport Management Review is published as a service to sport industries worldwide. It is a multidisciplinary journal concerned with the management, marketing, and governance of sport at all levels and in all its manifestations -- whether as an entertainment, a recreation, or an occupation. All journal articles featured in European Sport Management Quarterly vol 20 issue 3. Log in Register Cart. 2018 Impact Factor. 1.889. Journal news. Rated A in the ABDC. 2020 Vol 19, 2019 Vol 18, 2018 Vol 17, 2017 Vol 16, 2016 Vol 15, 2015 Vol 14, 2014 Vol 13, 2013 Vol 12, 2012 Vol 11, 2011 Vol 10, 2010 Vol 9, 2009 Vol 8, 2008 Vol 7. The Journal of Sport Management is an official research journal of NASSM. The November issue is now available. Click here to see it now! The NASSM website has been updated to make use of modern web technology. We hope that you will find this new website easy to navigate, and that you will find the information posted here useful and informative.

Jul 06, 2020 · About this journal. Journal of Sport and Social Issues JSSI brings you the latest research, discussion and analysis on contemporary sport issues. Using an international, interdisciplinary perspective, JSSI examines today's most pressing and far-reaching questions about sport. More. Next slide > All Issues Current Issue. Browse all issues of Journal of Management. Access to society journal content varies across our titles. If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.

The International Journal of Sport Communication IJSC provides a platform for the dissemination of peer-reviewed research and information on the unique aspects and divergent activities associated with sport communication.Although many journals cover a single aspect of sport and communication, IJSC is the first to provide an all-encompassing view of the field by covering any topic related to. Volume 23, 2020 Vol 22, 2019 Vol 21, 2018 Vol 20, 2017 Vol 19, 2016 Vol 18, 2015 Vol 17, 2014 Vol 16, 2013 Vol 15, 2012 Vol 14, 2011 Vol 13, 2010 Vol 12, 2009 Vol 11, 2008 Vol 10, 2007 Vol 9, 2006 Vol 8, 2005 Vol 7, 2004 Vol 6, 2003 Vol 5, 2002 Vol 4, 2001 Vol 3, 2000 Vol 2, 1999 Vol 1, 1998.

All journal articles featured in Journal of Sports Sciences vol 38 issue 10. Journal of Sports Sciences. 2019 Impact Factor. 2.597. Vol 37, 2019 Vol 36, 2018 Vol 35, 2017 Vol 34, 2016 Vol 33, 2015 Vol 32, 2014 Vol 31, 2013 Vol 30, 2012 Vol 29, 2011 Vol 28, 2010 Vol 27, 2009 Vol 26, 2008 Vol 25, 2007 Vol 24, 2006 Vol 23, 2005 Vol 22, 2004. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 4 1/2, 4 – 17. Silverman, D. 2001. Interpreting qualitative data: Methods for analysing talk, text and interaction.

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