Michael Burwell Stresses Accountability

Michael Burwell took over as chief financial officer at Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson is a risk management and assurance firm dedicated to helping clients around the world achieve their goals. The new CFO assumed his position in October of last year. He replaces Roger Millar.

Burwell is optimistic about the outlook of the company. He cited a culture of strong leadership and dedication to clients as the factors that drive him in his new position. 31 years of professional experience as a member of sales forces and as a member of executive boards give him strong qualifications to fulfill the role.

As the new chief financial officer, Burwell wants to make sure that his company asks the right questions. As someone who is at the top, he also believes in leading by example. People in executive positions must provide the example for corporate culture. A good CFO must do all of this while meeting the challenges of a constantly evolving business environment. One slight change to the market can affect many of the company’s clients across the board. A good executive officer of any type must also hold himself and others accountable. If he fails to hold himself accountable, the members of the board and the stock holders will do it for him.  Go Here to learn more.

The new executive began his career shortly after graduating from Michigan State University with a degree as a certified public accountant. Mathematical skill and a talent for management caused him to move up the corporate ladder quickly.

John Haley, Willis Tower Watson’s CEO welcomed his new executive to the board. In the same interview he stated that it was an exciting time for his company. Haley did not say exactly what made it an exciting time in his company’s evolution, but he believes that Burwell can face the challenges of his new position, regardless of what those challenges might be.

Willis Towers Watson opened its doors in 1828 and now has over 40,000 employees. It currently operates in 140 countries around the globe. Willis Towers Watson remains committed to promoting diversity among its clients and its employees.


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