Murder Needs Imagination (An Inspector Alvarez Mystery) Roderic Jeffries -
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Jul 01, 2008 · Roderic Jeffries was born in London in 1926 and was educated at Southampton's School of Navigation. In 1943 he went to sea with the New Zealand Shipping Company and returned to England in 1949 where he was subsequently called to the Bar. He practiced law for a brief period before starting to write full time. Son of Graham Montague Jeffries Roderic Jeffries was born in London in 1926 and was educated at Harrow View House Preparatory School and the Department of Navigation, University of Southampton. In 1943 he joined the New Zealand Shipping Company as an apprentice and sailed to Australia and New Zealand, but later transferred to the th aka Peter Alding, Jeffrey Ashford, Roderic Graeme,.

Now Inspector Alvarez is following in their footsteps, summoned by Dr. Llabres. The medical examiner isn’t at all happy with the condition of Vickers’ corpse. Although he apparently drank too much gin not his favorite tipple and fell from a second-floor gallery to the tiled floor below, telltale marks on his neck and wrists suggest a.

Enrique Alvarez, a police inspector in Mallorca, Spain: Mistakenly in Mallorca Inspector Alvarez, 1, Two-Faced Death Inspector Alvarez, 2, Troubled.</plaintext></p> <p>Buy Murder Needs Imagination by Roderic Jeffries online at Alibris. We have new and used copies available, in 2 editions - starting at $1.99. Shop now. Inspector Alvarez is a series of novels written by Roderic Jeffries. The books are categorized as mystery/suspense and they tell the story of a detective that solves murders on the Island Resort of Mallorca. The Story. The Inspector Alvarez series is Roderic Jeffries’ most. Jeffries populates the story with a vivid cast of supporting characters: blond beauty Tabitha, Muir's date on the night he was murdered, who flirts shamelessly with Alvarez accounting perhaps for his extra interest in the case; blowsy gossip queen Adela, who rivals Dolores as a browbeater, but ultimately can't resist dishing dirt about others. Roderic Jeffries was born in London in 1926 and was educated at Southampton's School of Navigation. In 1943 he went to sea with the New Zealand Shipping Company and returned to England in 1949 where he was subsequently called to the Bar. In Search of Murder An Inspector Alvarez Mystery. By Roderic Jeffries. one needs help.' Alvarez.</p> <p>40 rows · The complete series list for - An Inspector Alvarez Novel Roderic Jeffries. Series reading. A Guide to Cozy Mystery and Other Favorite Books, Movies, and TV. Roderic Jeffries. Not Cozy aka Peter Alding & Jeffrey Ashford. INSPECTOR ALVAREZ Mysteries: Main Character: Enrique Alvarez, Police Inspector, Spain. 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