Nick Vertucci’s Success in the Real Estate Sector

Nick’s father passed away when he was only ten years. That meant that his mother had to work extra hours to support the family. At 18 years old, Nick Vertucci started a computer accessories sale business. The business, however, crumbled due to the 2000 dot-com crash that caused massive market change. The experience taught him that nothing lasts forever. Nick later joined a real estate academy and entered into the real estate industry after attending a seminar with his friend. That is when he formed the Nick Vertucci Real estate Academy in 2014.

It offers free workshops and seminars from time to time. Nick was procuring foreclosures, restoring them than renting them out. Nick Vertucci has a radio show known as the real estate investing hour. He uses the show to conduct his business. Nick believes in bringing ideas to reality through seeing, understanding, planning and executing. He believes in himself despite negative comments from critics. Nick thinks that the relationships with clients are essential because he lives by the mantra that the client comes first. The above strategies are taught through his Fortunes in the Flipping initiative.

Nick is the Chief Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci companies, which offer solutions to obstacles in the real estate investment. The companies pride themselves on being professional, transparent experienced and knowledgeable. Nick provides advice to people who want to invest in real estate. Such guidance includes buying houses before they reach their market value.

That can be achieved by buying from people who are divorcing, have been transferred recently or are going through financial distress. Nick refers to the above strategies as motivated sellers. To find motivated sellers, one has to come up with a sound marketing procedure such as looking out for publication of foreclosure sales. Once you see the motivated seller, a reasonable real estate investor knows how to make offers that benefit both him and the seller. The offer made should earn profits.

The goal of his academy and company is to support, educate and encourage investors. He offers these services to people of all ages and status. The firm focuses on asking clients the right to offer the best services. So far, the academy has received very few complaints. Any complaint received is handled personally by Nick Vertucci and rectified very fast. Nick ensures his investors are highly educated in each component of the business and his staff is vigorously trained.