OSI Food Solutions Dramatically Expands Production Capacity

With major offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, OSI Food Solutions sits with the giants of the meat and poultry manufacturing industry. On a global scale, the company offers all manner of different chicken, beef, and pork food products to the market. The company certainly isn’t one to rest on any previously achieved accomplishments. OSI Food Solutions continually strives to further explore its potential in a critically important industry.

In Spain, OSI’s local processing facility achieved a tremendous milestone. The company actually doubled chicken capacity. Even more impressive, the company’s full production capacity exceeded 45,000 tons. The total amount of production capacity includes chicken, beef, and pork. Huge demand exists across the globe for the facility’s output. OSI Food Solutions is doing its best to make sure demands are met.

The increase in output results from the installation of a new high-capacity production line. Doing so required a significant investment. Putting €17 million into the production line seemed like a risky investment. After seeing how the production figures of the chicken — 24,000 tons — the investment has paid off. The added production primes the company for growth. Once available product levels hit zero, supplies to distributors can’t occur. Previously, only 12,000 tons of chicken food product could be moved by the Spanish facility.

The growth of OSI isn’t limited to its project in Spain. In fact, OSI Food Solutions ventured into even more ambitious territory. Not too long ago, the company opted to buy out a major competitor’s old processing plant in the United States.

Tyson Foods once ran a processing plant on the south side of Chicago. The plant once provided 480 jobs to people living in the vicinity. Unfortunately, Tyson Foods Plant was not able to keep the plant in operation. The employees were told the plant would be permanently shut down by October 2016. In June 2016, OSI made a deal with Tyson Foods and purchased the plant for the sum of $7.4 million. With the new plant, OSI can further expand its product volume.

In late 2016, OSI garnered news from another high-profile acquisition. The company purchased the food supplier Flagship Europe. The UK-based Flagship Europe is most associated with frozen poultry and pies, but does produce other products. The purchase of Flagship Europe allows the OSI Group to distribute even more product to the market. Influence in the industry grows as a result.

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