Eric Pulier’s success as an innovator and humanitarian

Eric Pulier is making his name as one of the leading innovators in technology today. Born in New Jersey, Eric has shown interest in computers for most of his life. In fact, Eric had successfully built first computer while only in the fourth grade.

Having excelled in academics in New Jersey’s public school system, Eric went on to Major in English and American Literature at the prestigious Harvard University. After graduating magna cum laude in 1988, Eric founded People Doing things which focused on providing humanitarian aid with technology. PDT became successful and was eventually bought out, leaving Eric to create 15 other companies later in his career. Upon Eric’s entrepreneurial journey, Eric most notably became to be one of the first to embrace Cloud computing, an innovative tool that has become integral to modern business success.

Eric Polier never let his humanitarian spirit fade with developing the first social media site in 1995, Starbright World, that gave children suffering from persistent illnesses a chance to connect with one another. Eric said in an interview that he was inspired by Peter Diamandis, another entrepreneur who focused on humanitarian aid. When reading about Peter, Eric was so inspired that he wanted to follow a similar path.

After his success in corporate world, Eric Polier geared his life solely towards philanthropy and helping the less fortunate. To embark on this new chapter, Eric founded the X-Prizes, a contest centered around cultivating strategies that solve humanities most pressing issues. Along with X prizes, Eric has continued to help sick children as a member of the board of directors on Project Turtle. Project Turtle is a summer camp based in California that gives children with chronic illnesses the opportunity to be social and have fun.

Other than helping the impoverished, Eric makes it a priority to be a good father for his four children. Eric would like to have his legacy continue and be remembered by them. Eric believes that his kids are a chunk of his legacy that determines whether his legacy is a success. Eric is certainly the man to watch as his self-less track record builds.

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How To Retire in Style and Not Feel Guilty: David Giertz’s Guide

David Giertz believes that retirees mostly want to save their money instead of spending it after all those of years of hard work.Old people are most likely to spend their money in responsible ways and still get to enjoy their lives. Any individual who is about to retire should carefully plan for the future. After retiring, you should not live a life of devoid purpose and adventure, but you should live your life with discipline and fun. David; an experienced financial advisor urges retirees to follow the simple rule that enables them to enjoy their savings.

More About David Giertz

David Gierts holds an MBA which he attained after graduating from the University of Miami and a BS which he also received from Millikin University. He has more than thirty years of experience in the financial services industry. He consistently innovated, processed several strategies with the aim of building a profitable growth.Mr.Giertz has served as the President of Nationwide Financials sales and distribution organization. He has propelled the company from a revenue of eleven billion dollars to seventeen point eight billion dollars. David has managed to lead the wholesale strategy successfully.

David is a certified business coach with a WABC and has managed to achieve a world-class Gallup associate engagement score from a score of four point four one to four point six three. He is currently encouraging the coaching culture by certifying over one hundred leaders as Business Coaches. In 2004, Mr. Giertz worked in the Financial Institutions Bank Channel.

He went ahead to expand the channel in 2009 to include the Wire house distribution channel. In 1999, David served at Nationwide as a Regional Vice President, and he managed to increase its revenue by a total of forty-eight percent. He had served at Citigroup for a decade before he came to Nationwide. This is where his career as a Financial Service Advisor began. He was promoted to the Area Director and finally to be the Executive Vice President of the Sales department because of his promising work.

James Dondero, The Driving Force Behind Highland Capital

James Dondero has been hailed as a standout amongst the most vital business pioneers in the advanced business setting. Prevalently alluded to as Jim, the dynamic and visionary pioneer has guided Highland Capital to a fortunate position contending with the absolute best in the business. Jim has possessed the capacity to pivot the circumstance at Highland Capital making it a standout amongst the best ventures lately.

James Dondero has, in any case, stayed to be a modest individual in spite of the monstrous achievement he has accomplished throughout the years. Jim keeps on committing his chance, exertion and assets towards enhancing the personal satisfaction of individuals in the general public. The general population working under him have reliably adulated his state of mind naming his most charming characters as propelling elements and explanations behind the achievement of Highland Capital.

What’s more, Jim has utilized his position to make inventive methods for forming the capital markets. Through the incorporation of inventive thoughts and having a listening state of mind to the perspectives and sentiments of his work representatives, Dondero has situated himself as one of the main visionaries in the business world. This has prompted various admirers both in the general population and private parts. He additionally fills in as a main good example to various up and coming business visionaries both locally and globally. Throughout the years, James has amassed various honors in acknowledgment for his recognized greatness.

Highland Capital offers arrangements and gives a stage to the money related necessities of the two people and organizations. Through the various portfolios, customers have the choice of choosing the option that best suits their requirements under the direction of a pool of qualified and skilled work force. This has been a sign of Highland Capital.

It is apparent that Highland Capital will keep getting a charge out of accomplishment over the coming a very long time under the stewardship of Jim Dondero. By offering new and imaginative answers for challenges in the market, Highland Capital stays to be an organization of decision for some. This can be credited to the way that the administrations and items offered are custom fitted towards the requirements of the customer.

Along these lines, each alternative is accessible whether it is for an individual or an association. As the organizer and pioneer of Highland Capital, it has dependably remained the target of Jim Dondero to look for new and present day ways that not just stay with the at an edge over their rivals, yet additionally one that can manage itself in the long haul.

Information About End Citizens United

James Bopp is known for his contribution after he started Citizens United. He is a lawyer who traces his background from the India, and he managed to put forward before the court that Conservative non-profit by the name United Citizen be air, Hillary. This was the recently stated movie that was reflecting the Democratic presidential primaries. The commission of the Federal Election put aside the matter as it was not set in clarity the sponsor of the deal and it was marked by the campaign that was running for 90 minutes.

Two years down the line, the Supreme Court reversed the ruling that has been made by Lamberth and considered so of the arguments that had been presented by James Bobb. The Citizen United by Bobb was on a mission of evading the campaigns financed by the nation’s regulations. At the moment Bobb is the leader of the huge litigation threats that are against the federal and the laws made through the campaign regulations of the nation. The primary consequence that had been predicted through the Citizen United was seen clearly, and this called for the protection of the movie and some of the books that led to the unlimited corporate utilized in the election. The records of Bobb in the court are quite impressive in the sense that he has won many cases which include bringing the end the McCain campaign finance law and made a huge impact in the case that was between the Bush and Gore.

End Citizens United is a committee that is within the political arena that puts their efforts in ensuring that a lot of money is taken out of the politics. In the year 2017, the committee has managed to collect a lot of money up to $4 million, and the target of the committee is to raise that money by 2018 to $35 million. The amount has been terminated as very important according to the PAC. It is estimated that the first quarter of the year the contribution would have click a level that is substantial .40,000 of the people who are to the team of contributors made their first debut with the PAC and within the first year of contribution, the total amount that had been collected was $12. PAC has also made the assist to some of the people in the political arena such as Jon Ossoff the candidate of Democrats in the Georgia in raising $500,000 through their donation.

The group that that is made out of the supreme court in the year 2010 was considered to be Citizens United decision. This ruling created an avenue for the union donation that was able to boost the candidates during the year of the election. Additionally, the launching of the PACs which raises the money was experienced in the same year.

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Fabletics Uses Different Techniques to Help Clients

Fabletics has always remained committed to all of their clients. They know a lot about the business and they know what they can do to make things better for the people who they are serving. Since Fabletics first started, they have provided women with convenient options for their athletic wardrobe. They also work to ensure that the convenience doesn’t come at an extremely high price and that people are not struggling to be able to find something that is fashionable. The company knows what they can do to help people and what women need when it comes to the workout clothing that they have.


By using crowd power, Fabletics has managed to become one of the most popular clothing companies. Huffington Post recently talked about the power of the crowd and how the company is able to use this to their advantage. They know that people who use crowd ideologies are able to get more from the things that they do instead of just relying on traditional marketing. Fabletics does this and they use the reviews that they get from their customers to try and help more customers and potential customers know what they are going to get from the situations that they are in.


Kate Hudson is a huge player in the brand and she knows what to do to make things better for the company. She also knows that this will be a huge part of the company and that she can make things better for different people. Kate Hudson went from the “almost famous” section of Forbes to being a huge player thanks to Fabletics. She also helped the company to grow. In a way, they bolstered each other and they were able to make the changes that would bring them both to a higher level of success than they had seen in the past.


It is important for Fabletics to know that their clients are getting the things that will make their athletic clothing better. Because of this, they developed the style quiz. This is a quiz that their customers can take when they first come to the site. After they have taken the quiz, they will be able to see all of the options that they have for clothing. It is an easy way for them to ensure that they are getting the best clothes for their athletic opportunities and it helps to reduce returns and other problems for the company.


As Fabletics continues to be successful, they know that they are going to keep growing. They have a lot of faith in the processes that they have set up but they also want to try new things. By opening up retail stores and other channels for sales, Fabletics is setting themselves up for the future. They are hoping to be able to show customers what they can get and what will make things better for them no matter what they have been able to do in the past with their clothing or their athletic style.

Highland Capital: How To Choose A Financial Advisory Firm

Are you researching portfolio management or investing? Do you want to learn how to invest or build your investment portfolio? Whether you are a newbie, or an experienced investor, it is imperative to follow proven investment strategies.

Whatever your reason for seeking advisory service, it’s important to know that professional assistance can help you avoid costly mistakes and improve your chances of achieving the success you desire.

There are many companies out there that offer investment advisory and financial planning but it is absolutely necessary to research them before choosing an advisory firm. When it comes to choosing a wealth management or advisory service, look no further than Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital is one of the most reliable companies in the investment industry. Highland Capital Management delivers top notch financial management and advisory services, including financial planning, money management and investment advisory.

As a well established financial services and investment advisory provider, Highland Capital caters to numerous clients. The company offers reliable investment advisory and portfolio management to both businesses and individual clients and can provide you the guidance you need to reach your goal. Their clients come from all walks of life and are delighted withe the quality of services they receive.

Investing requires adequate knowledge of the industry and that is why it’s recommended to enlist the services of a reputable firm like Highland Capital. In order to attain success in this industry, you need to be able to choose profitable opportunities. If you are a beginner you definitely need expert assistance in managing your investment.

Highland Capital has well qualified professionals who can help you make sound decisions. These professionals are well versed in various investment options and strategies that yield significant returns. They can help you choose the right opportunities to invest in, or grow your existing portfolio.

Highland Capital strives to maintain a good relationship with clients and to ensure that they succeed in their respective endeavors. You can benefit immensely from the investment and financial management services provided by the team of experts at Highland Capital.

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Honey Birdette-Raising the Marriage Equality to Higher Heights

Honey Birdette is a lingerie brand that has been in the news lately for support of marriage equality. According to its founder and managing director Eloise Monaghan, a group of Honey Birdette models and employees took to the Sydney CBD street to show their support for marriage in “flash mob” campaign. The lingerie clad models and workers walked along Pitt Street mall towards the Martin place with positive signs carrying a strong message” Make Love not Plebiscite,” others had cards saying “free the nipples”.

The company went ahead and live-streamed the whole event that was watched by millions of people globally. The protest was to counter attack the controversial plebiscite topic sent by the federal government and to arrive at the mailbox on 12th September. Eloise Monaghan said that the flash mob sparked healthy debate and showed people what was happening on the ground. She stated that marriage equality should be a fundamental right and the federal government has no right interfering.

The idea of organizing the flash mob was to empower her workers and the public the importance of supporting marriage equality, and it was the easiest and quickest way of passing the message. The company will also continue to campaign through posters. Angels Michelle director of marketing congratulated Honey Birdette for taking such a positive move.

The recent raunchy ad for the company lingerie that leaves little to imagination has caused the stir in Rundle Mall. The two posters on the shop windows feature women in the new and different range of underwear. One of the posters that are making heads turns shows one of the model nipples being visible. A customer who is about to get married said she would buy the lingerie for her honeymoon.

The Founder and Managing director or Honey Birdette believe that aligning his brand with marriage values is a way of supporting marriage equality.

How To Look Flawless This Fall With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Autumn is approaching, which means quite a number of things: new beginnings, such as new school friends, new weather-inspired wardrobes, new goals to achieve and in some cases, a completely new look.

However, if you are already a unicorn — which is a name given to loyal customers of Lime Crime — then you obviously do not want to change your original and mystical look. If you have never worn Lime Crime makeup before, then this season is the perfect time to begin.

Regardless of whether or not you are a unicorn or a newbie, fall is the ideal time to try out some of the unprecedented brand’s new cosmetic items.

First on the list of new items are the new lip topper diamond crushers. These lip toppers are astoundingly innovative and there are five brand new colors that have been added to the cosmetic line. For the fall, we recommend Gemini, which is a maroon and blue duochrome lip topper. Since fall is a time of deeper and richer colors, we feel that Gemini is the perfect shade from the new diamond crushers selection. However, you can’t go wrong with Heirloom, either. This is such a beautiful shade of ruby pink that will be sure to attract a new romantic partner due to its romantic essence. Besides, it fits the color scheme of fall.

Of course, hair color can change before starting a new school year or even a career. Since autumn is symbolic of new beginnings, we definitely suggest using the unicorn hair dye. There have been eight new shades released to their collection and quite a few fit the bill for fall-inspired hair. First is Aesthetic, which is a gorgeous maroon that is rich like an autumn landscape.

Valentine is a great shade of red, which resembles a fallen leaf from a tree branch. It’s not too much and does just the trick for that new autumn style.

Mint Ice is also a great option. It is a lighter green, but still would be suitable for the fall.

These new cosmetic items are ideal for your new autumn look. Take a look at these products and see what will work best for your new beginning.


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End Citizens United Raises Funds For 2018 Elections

In January, 2008 James Bopp, a lawyer from Indiana, was literally laughed out of court. He had appeared before a federal three judge panel to argue that Citizens United, a conservative nonprofit, should be allowed to air Hillary: The Movie on TV throughout the Democratic Presidential primaries. Citizens United had created the film to demonstrate that Hillary Clinton was a merciless political schemer and European socialist. The film also featured Kathleen Willey who made accusations of sexual harassment Bill Clinton as well as claiming that Hillary devised a plot to kill her cat.

The Federal Election Commission denied Citizens United permission to air the film during primaries because it would amount to a campaign advertisement without knowing who had paid for it. Bopp argued that the film was no different from 60 minutes and its creators were protected by the First Amendment. After making this point, Judge Royce Lamberth laughed at the comparison to 60 minutes. Two years later the Supreme Court reversed Judge Lamberth’s arguments wiping out 100 years of campaign financing law precedent. The judgment was based on a 1976 court decision that stated campaign spending was free speech, which is protected by the First Amendment. The Supreme Court extended first amendment rights to corporations because corporations are considered persons for constitutional purposes. The Supreme Court Justices arrived at the conclusion that preventing corporations from spending money to defeat or support candidates was unconstitutional.

Citizens United vs. FEC was the result of many years of work by James Bopp to erode the country’s campaign finance regulations via the use of obscure cases that he was not expected to win. Bopp did not stop after his landmark victory. He is still pursuing cases that aim to remove all facets of campaign finance regulation.

The repercussions of Citizens United have gone beyond protection of free speech in books and movies. The case has paved the way for corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money without any public disclosure. Bopp’s work has been funded by individuals and organizations such as the National Rifle Association, The RNC and Betsy Devos.

The Citizens United case has inspired activists and political action committees to raise money for removing big money out of politics. End Citizens United, is one of such political action groups. During the first quarter of 2017 it raised $4 million and it plans to raise $35 million before the 2018 midterms. That would be a significant increase from the $25 million it raised during the 2016 election cycle, its first election cycle. Over 100,000 individuals contributed to the PAC, and significant portion were first time contributors. According to End Citizen United’s executive director and president, the aim is to elect leaders who will advocate for campaign finance reform in Congress.

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The Man Behind MB2 Dental Solutions-How He’s Rewriting Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the highly inspired founder of the company MB2 Dental Solutions, a dental practice management firm that was created by a dentist, for dentists.

Due to Dr. Villanueva’s medical background and having been on both sides of the fence, so to speak, he knows exactly what to do in order for MB2 Dental to thrive. In which he revealed that is not getting caught up in the trivial day-to-day tasks and micromanaging, a mistake far too many CEOs make; and instead trusting his staff and recognizing his job, as he bluntly puts it, is to “stay the heck out of the way” and focus on setting the vision for the company and inspiring his staff. This concept seems to be working immensely for him as he currently has 70 affiliated offices in six states, with over 500 employees. MB2 Dental prides itself on being fully committed to helping dentist practitioners preserve control over how they practice,including assistance with anything ranging from legal issues to payroll, to any marketing challenges they may encounter.

Dr. Villanueva is a very driven entrepreneur, but says that not taking himself too seriously has been key to his success and daily productivity. He is one to enjoy his typical work by keeping his office lighthearted and fun while providing assistance to his clients. In a one-on-one interview, Dr. Villanueva shares advice from a mentor that helps him in his daily life and that is to “never be the smartest person in the room”. This piece of advice inspires him to always surround himself with intelligent, highly creative and outspoken team members. Hiring the right people for his firm is what gives MB2 its youthful edge and is what keeps Dr. Villanueva motivated. He believes collaborating with others is what takes something that is just merely an idea and brings it to full completion in the best way, embodying an array of perspectives. However, this isn’t to say that all his great ideas are formed in a meeting room, as a “night owl” Dr. Villanueva gets a great deal of his ideas,sometimes randomly,in the late hours of the night when his four young children are asleep,or sometimes even in the middle of playing video games with his kids! Dr. Chris S. Villanueva and his standards of business with MB2 Dental Solutions are effectively changing lives in a positive way as they continue to break new ground in the world of dentistry and business.