Knowledge is Power From Dr. Imran Haque

Not everyone has what it takes to be successful in life but if you put in the work needed and are willing to put forth the effort, you will go a long ways. One person who knows what it takes to put in the effort and time, Dr. Imran Haque. He has put in all the effort he has in order to be successful both in medical field and outside of the medical field.

Going to school at the University of Virginia and then heading to Santo Domingo to finish at the Universidad Iberoamericana. Once he was done with his schooling, he went back to the United States to live in the Asheboro, North Carolina area. This is where he opened his own practice to help those in the area who were in need of a doctor to treat their ailments causing them pain over the course of 15 years.

Dr. Imran Haque has been in the business long enough to know what it takes to be a good doctor. He knows you have to have a bedside manner that makes people comfortable to be around. You have to be willing to understand and care about their needs and their health to be able to treat them properly. You will need to respect their wishes and their own desires before placing your own in order to treat them the way they want to be treated.

Dr. Imran Haque has had his fair shares of failure. He has not always come out on top. He spent his first couple years in business learning from the mistakes he has made. He learned what he should and should not do in business and in medicine. The one thing that he speaks of learning on is his own is to not be so open to others. While you remain respectful and kind, don’t be so open to allowing others in. You have to be willing to keep others at enough of a distance that they are unable to take advantage of your kindness as well as your generosity. This is the one thing that he wishes others knew before starting their own business endeavors. This is the one thing that Dr. Imran Haque wishes he knew from the very beginning.

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Dr. Mark McKenna On Why You Need to Get In Touch With Your Passions

Dr. Mark McKenna is a surgeon who studied at Tulane University Medical School. He founded ShapeMed in 2007. Dr. Mark McKenna recently founded OVME. OVME is a medical aesthetics practice that uses the latest technology to help out its patients.

He worked for a long while in the medical aesthetics industry. During that time, he constantly was thinking about ways that he can improve the industry. Thus, OVME was born. OVME was a result of what he was thinking about for years.

He started OVME with four million dollars from investment firms. He got the help because he was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that he gets up early each morning with his daughter and eats breakfast. He showers, goes to work, puts in a full day, comes home to eat dinner with his family, practices Jiu-Jitsu, and then works until he goes to bed.

He says that he meditates a lot. He also visualizes his results after setting goals. Once he sets goals, he visualizes what he wants and he starts working and working until he gets the results. By working hard and never giving up, he brings his ideas to life.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that he is excited that smoking is becoming less common. More and more Americans are quitting smoking, and this is exciting for him as a doctor.

Dr. McKenna says that he reads books all the time. He is an avid reader of books. This is because he always wants to learn more information. The more information you learn, the more productive you can become. He likes expanding his horizons and learning about things that are outside of his medical practice.

Dr. Mark McKenna was asked what he would do differently looking back. He said that he would get in touch with his passions earlier on. Many people do not get in touch with their passions until a later time. He says that he was one of them, because he was too focused on getting degree and getting through school. He was rushing things, and he now says that it is okay to take your time and not rush things.

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Dr. Cameron Clokie; The Toronto Scientist

Dr. Cameron is a dental surgeon based in Toronto. He graduated in 1985 as a dental surgeon, and then he specialized in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery which he was through in two years. Cameron did not stop there; he proceeded to pursue a Ph.D. at McGill University. He does not only do oral and maxillofacial surgery but has also been a professor of the same at the University of Toronto until 2017 when he retired from academics. He is innovative in his career, and many look up to him as a teacher and as a clinical doctor. Clockie holds 25 US and global patents some of which are pending.

He has given lectures both in the US and internationally about his field of work, the future of dentistry, bone regeneration and general factors affecting oral health. Scientific advisory boards in various companies have had him as a member. Apart from surgery, he has published many pieces of work, is a scientist and an entrepreneur. Cameron is also the CEO of Indulge Biologics Inc. It is a regenerative medicine firm that is determined to provide medicinal solutions that will enhance reconstruction and regeneration of dental tissues.

Dr. Cameron Clockie in his career has treated a patient that had lost the right jaw to cancer. Using a technique unknown to many, he induced a Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP) that made cells to grow into a jaw that was similar to the initial one just like it happens to a baby. The surgeries gave researchers a glimpse of how to fill gaps without taking tissues from other body parts and a clear indication of what regenerative medicine means. He is innovative and has partnered with many businesses which depend on him for knowledge on how to thrive in their economies and commerce.

BMP is a rare and very expensive growth protein, and Dr. Cameron has the ambition to make it available and affordable. Hence, he is currently working to see if a goat can produce the growth protein (BMP) in milk if it is inserted with human gene while still an embryo. If this technology works, more people will afford bone regenerating procedures

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Living in the Rocket City otherwise known as Huntsville, Alabama home of Space Camp, Barbara Stokes lives a life of determination. As a mother of three growing boys she lives a very busy life. On top of motherhood, Barbara is also the CEO of Green Structure Homes! Known for its safe creative modern modular homes, this company is not only fast growing but rewarding as well. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Founded in 2008 by Barbara and her husband the company is a big part of Barbara Stokes everyday life. In October of 2017 Fema awarded Green Structure Homes 28.5 million dollars to assist communities in need such as those hit by Hurricane Harvey, Katrina, and other disasters. Blasting off, the company immediately began plans to create jobs and homes in eight different states. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara a graduate of Mercer University’s engineering department and is not only well versed in government contracts but in real estate as well. She uses this knowledge to keep the company creating clean single family developments with in-ground utilities, amenities, and paved roads. Her philosophy when it comes to development is all about family. Her own family, including her sister Ann Mix and her husband Scott, work closely with her to accomplish her goals. She wants to provide homes and communities where families can spend quality time together. Barbara insures that her company uses only clean, high quality materials that will last a lifetime. Barbara often volunteers in her local community giving her excellent ideas how to better her company in assisting other communities. Improving the land and using an area’s natural beauty is an important factor in the companies development plans. Armed with over 30 years of combined disaster relief experience and big hearts Barbara and her husband plan to lead the company in making peoples lives better all over the United States.


Logan Stout achievements in Business

Logan Stout is one of the most famous entrepreneurs. Apart from the entrepreneurial work, Logan also has a passion for games. Logan takes games as a healthy exercise and even a way of uniting people. Due to his love of sports, Logan began the baseball with the aim of assisting the youth in acquiring enough skills. Logan wanted to make baseball accessible to everyone. Logan understood well that child may not get enough emotional guidance from their home and schools. Logan was always concerned about having a healthy body. He, therefore, developed the ID Life.

ID Life is a healthcare where people can get energy supplements, weight management items, and sleep aids. Logan believes that with proper health people can attain their goals. The idea of creating the ID Life come to Logan’s mind after meeting a friend who had created a new vitamin. As an athlete, Logan understood well the need for a good health. ID Life provides proper nutrition to people according to their needs. The organization recognizes that people have different body needs.

One of the significant issues that ID Life handles is the overweight or obese. The organization also provides solutions to getting energy supplements and sleep aids. Although many companies are dealing with health problems, ID Life is somehow unique due to its devotion to its work. ID Life is one of the organizations with the best ingredients. The ingredients were made after careful sourcing and studying of human nutrition. ID Life first took data from different people understood their needs then come up with a solution. The group comes to realize that people have various deficiencies and each needs a particular treatment.

Some years back, ID Life was using the one size fits all approach. This approach failed because each person required special treatment. The company decided to change and started using personalized nutrition based technique. Nowadays many people have shown interest in becoming healthier and also reducing weight.

Logan Stout is the current CEO of the ID Life organization. Logan is a successful entrepreneur, a businessman, and a former athlete. From his childhood, Logan desired to assist people to attain their goals. Logan pursued a degree in business from the Panola college and later earned a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He founded the Dallas Patriots baseball. This platform enhanced him to interact with youths and offer them training mentorship. His background in sports made him start the ID Life for proper nutrition which goes hand in hand with games.

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Louis Chenevert- UTC’s Think Tank to Success

Louis R. Chenevert is a renowned businessman from Canada. He was chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. Louis was born in Quebec. He attained his bachelor’s degree in Production Management from HEC Montreal. Louis was, in in March 2006, elected as chairman and CEO of UTC. He later resigned from his position on December 8, 2014, with Edward Kangas taking over the position.

Before the resignation of Louis Chenevert, there was a lot he did for UTC to remain scaling high. The company continued to thrive and lead in the market, regardless of the competition from foreigners. Through Louis expertise, UTC managed continued to lead. Workers continued to get fairly paid and their concerns were always addressed. UTC during Louis time had the most sophisticated jet engines worldwide. They had both military and commercial clients. The company also manufactured the world’s largest escalators and elevators. Apart from that, Louis enabled UTC to remain leading in the manufacture of helicopters in the United States of America. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

Louis Chenevert has remained successful since leaving General Motors for UTC. He brought high revenues for UTC considering the economic crisis at the time of his election as Chief Executive Officer of UTC. When he was CEO, there was a notable increase in the share price from $37 to #117. This in return increased the shareholder value for UTC. Read more about Louis at

Louis Chenevert is a strong thinker. He has managed to transform UTC into a global business. UTC directed its strength and resources on its two largest markets, aerospace and building. As a result, Louis has earned himself the title of a prolific thinker. He managed to bring about a balance that helped create new products and deliver quality ones. UTC continued to benefit from all products in its business lines. As a result, this increased business which meant more revenue for the company. Apart from UTC’s success, Louis Chenevert had other personal achievements. These included; a compensation of up to $22,032,175 salary, an Honor Award from the National Building Museum, and Aviation week and Space Technology person of the year in 2011.


One More Reason to Try Cancer Treatment Centers of America

A Florida based healthcare system is exploding onto the nation’s medical stage. Many patients have heard of the success rates at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. As with any medical care, the right knowledge is key to treating an illness. This healthcare team has paired their talents with those of Nanthealth and Allscripts to plot a new oncology platform within their network. This computerized collection of a myriad of cancer care facts, statistics, various treatment options and recommendations, intensive patient cancer studies, test results interpretations, drug therapies, side effect treatments and factual based cancer care details are all proving to be miraculous in the time saved.

It is much faster to read neat lists that a high tech computer program has already compiled. The doctor still has the final decision, but the time that would have been wasted waiting for tiresome search results can be put to better use elsewhere. There is always something better that a healthcare provider can be doing if they had extra time. Another bonus to this far reaching medical library is the impartiality of the computer. While specialists input various data, the computer does the calculations without regard to prejudiced views. For example, many hospitals favor a certain test that is available there. It is more likely that that test will be ordered as the facility has an interest in utilizing their purchase.

Unbiased opinions with regards to determining the best cancer care route is important. This new detective program takes the guesswork that doctors have always had to use in the past. Now the computer uses real information to decipher which available treatment plans to try and in which order. Even detailed cost expectations can be accessed to allow full transparency of any care going forward. This all leads to better diagnoses and treatments.

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Things You Need To Know About Agora Financial

Investing is a bold step for risk takers. When you have the right resources as well as the correct information, your financial journey will be a success. This is why accessing available resources from Agora Financial is essential in ensuring that you are equipped the right information.

Agora Financial gives you the necessary information such that you don’t have to involve any middlemen. It has been in existence for over a decade and has specialized in finance topics. They are a private publishing company. Some of their resources include books, free newsletters, documentaries and seminars which discuss financial trends that hit the market.

Over the years, Agora has been setting an annual budget for travel expenses. A team of experts is given the task of traveling across continents to ensure they come back with unique investment ideas. Their principle is investing in ideas that are yet to hit the mainstream market. This is a way of making more profit than when the market becomes flooded.

Their research is 100% unbiased, and they assure people of accurate information. Their team of experts consists of a New York Times Best Selling Author, a Geologist trained in Harvard and so on. Agora Financial has had successful predictions in the past. One, they predicted the mortgage bubble bust four years before it came to pass. Two, they predicted the oil price hike which did a year later. For keen readers, they acted fasted ad benefited from the predictions.
Agora is known for having a team of authors who write based on the well researched information. The company holds an annual symposium which aims to bring people together and discuss various financial trends that have hit the market and are promising.

Since 1999, when it was founded by Bill Bonner, Agora has been providing financial information to potential and established investors. People have benefited from their resources, and they urge more people to subscribe to their newsletters for more resources.

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Talos Energy Is Breaking Waves With Its Investment In An Offshore Oil Well In Mexican Waters

A partnership Houston’s Talos Energy LLC and two other well-known companies is focusing exclusively on bringing the first offshore oil well in Mexican waters that hasn’t been constructed by a government run company since 1938. Since that time, many years ago, only Petroleos Mexicanos, has constructed offshore wells, but this move to let foreign companies back into the picture is changing the oil industry in Mexico. The new well, which is located in the Sureste Basin, can hold up to 500 million barrels of crude oil and should take up to 90 days to finish. The partnership of companies won rights to construct the offshore well after their bid was recognized by Mexico.

The well is expected to be watched very closely; especially as it is the first non-Pemex well to be built in quite some time. It has a high chance of succeeding, and many people are interested in how this will effect the market in Mexico. While Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil Plc hold %65 of the stake for the offshore well, Talos, alone, holds the remaining %35.

Talos Energy is a gas and oil company that is independent. Its management team has years of experience in exploring and exploiting opportunities offshore. The company has a strong track record that spans over a decade and looks to continue doing more of the same. Its rapid growth and survival in a competitive industry is due to the fact that the company is committed to environment, safe work practices, and always staying on the cutting edge of its industry.

The CEO of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan, and his partners put together the company with $600 million from assets they already had and money from backers. Talos has been named one of the top places to work almost every year since its existence. Duncan has said that the company runs more like a family and that everyone in it has each others back. Because it is a privately held company, the best people to make decisions for its future are the very people who work for it.

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Focus On OSI Group’s President David McDonald and His Take on Current Acquisitions

David McDonald is the current president of the OSI Group, a top global food provider that works with various international brands. Mr. McDonald has worked with the OSI Group for more than three decades and has played a significant role in the tremendous growth that the group has enjoyed over the years. The group has a vision and goal of delivering services and products to its customers in a better way than any of its competitors can match. In a recent question and answer session, the president revealed a few important points on the growth of OSI Group.

On the Group’s Work Ethic and Success in China

McDonald revealed that every employee at the group has a clear target of always exceeding the expectations of their customers. The group has trained its employees on the virtue of being patient as the group takes its time to build viable networks in order to come up with flexible solutions that satisfy the market. The group singles out its ability to do this as the secret to its success. Each of the group’s partners has a rich understanding of the business and culture practices in the location that a branch operates. This makes it easier for the group to strike a balance that influences its expenditures and decisions.

The OSI Group has enjoyed enormous success in the Chinese market and has no plans to stop. David McDonald attributed this huge success to becoming like one of the locals in the market. This helped in the establishment of long-term partnerships, which are key in satisfying the Chinese market needs.

David McDonald’s Thoughts on the Acquisition of Baho Food by the OSI Group

In a bid to increase its stake in the European market, the OSI Group finalized on the acquisition of Baho Food. The company, Baho Food, manufactures and also distributes food products such as meat, drinks, snacks and others in 18 nations across Europe. Baho Food consists of five subsidiary companies and has two operational plants based in Germany and Netherlands. David McDonald was impressed with the acquisition of Baho Food and affirmed that the move was in line with the company’s long term goals. The acquisition also showed the group’s insatiable appetite to up its stake in the European market.

David McDonald’s Educational and Work Background

Mr. McDonald holds an animal science degree from the Iowa State University. He worked as the chair of the North American Meat Institute and as the project manager for OSI Group. He has also worked as a director at Marfrig Global Foods in South Africa.

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