Rona Borre Shines with Instant Alliance

Rona Borre is always looking for ways

Instant Alliance is IT Company that deals with staffing and recruitment. It is located in Chicago, and it has missions and visions that for a firm to succeed in business, it must make use of people. When it comes to the success of your business, it is important to ensure that you have the best IT experts because today technology is advancing and businesses should go along with technology. Rona Borre is the best concerning the identification of talent. She is the best for that work. Companies are sure that with the services of this company, they can excel.  Check on


Rona Borre has a passion for developing the talent of young people. That is why she started Instant Alliance so that she can help young people who want to establish a career in Information Technology. She is always happy to see businesses succeed and that is why she does everything to ensure that they get the right candidates who can work and enable the organizations to achieve great success in their endeavors.

Instant Alliance deals with two types of staffing. They deal with staffing concerning technology as well as staffing regarding finance.


She works with different organizations to give the best staffing that any company can get. She has a way of identifying talent and ensures that she has connected such a talent with the right people. If you a business owner, you know that people are the best resource for the growth of your company. Instant Alliance knows that, and that is why Rona Borre is always looking for ways to serve her clients who have found her useful for their organizations.

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Hussain Sajwani is a wealthy philanthropist who enjoys helping children.

The well-regarded Properties Chairman of the venture branded as DAMAC Properties is Mr. Hussain Sajwani. His real estate group is situated in the middle eastern desert country of Dubai. Mr. Hussain Sajwani fashioned the group in 2002. This extraordinary business venture was made feasible from a Dubai governmental decree that grants permission to foreigners to possess their own real estate in the emirate. DAMAC Properties is accepted as the leading, most fertile private real estate group in the whole of the Middle East.


Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a extraordinarily philanthropic individual. Through his group, DAMAC Properties, Hussain has presented two million AED’s, or Arab Emirates Dollars, in an effort to facilitate funding to provide urgently vital outfits to underprivileged children across the world. It is hoped that Mr. Sajwani’s extraordinarily generous donation will aid over 50,000 underprivileged children with outfits.


His group, DAMAC Properties, also houses a hospitality section called DAMAC Maison. This section of his company provides exclusively tailored services to the residents of their approximately 8,000 hotel apartments, including an extra 2,810 rentals projected to be included within one year’s time.

DAMAC Properties has teamed up with the American President, Mr. Trump, to create two golf courses in Dubai with Trump’s name. Subsequent to Trump’s appointment to the Presidency, Mr. Trump stated in a press meeting that he is great friends with Mr. Hussain Sajwani. Hussain offered a $2 billion realty contract to Mr. Trump, which Trump, as a consequence of his Presidential pledge, had to turn down.


Mr. Sajwani is friends with Trump’s family. Trump’s immediate family members do not fall under a conflict of interest for entering into business dealings in Dubai, with the Trump brand name. This aspect was exposed to Mr. Donald Trump when Mr. Sajwani was in the U.S., at a dinner with Trump’s family. Mr. Sajwani made Mr. Trump aware that he became mindful of the detail that Trump could steer clear of legal difficulties regarding their business partnerships, if the ventures were to be accomplished, on documents, with Trump’s children and wife.

EOS or Chapstik? EOS Wins my Heart

Chapstik was the go-to lip balm for my dry lips. I never really considered any other brand because this one is what I used growing up and the product mom always had in her purse. I never had a problem with Chapstik, but never found anything that particularly excited me about the brand, either.

Last year after starting a new job, I watched a co-worker apply a large ball-looking substance to her lips. As I oddly looked on, she told me that it was lip balm. Curious, I asked to know more and learned information that has changed my lips forever. She explained that the product was EOS lip balm, that it was made with natural ingredients, and available on Ulta and many storesin a few exciting flavors. I had to have my own and couldn’t wait to clock out of the office that day.

I purchased a multi-pack lip balm from Target after work because I simply couldn’t decide which I wanted the most. After using the Coconut Milk lip balm once, I am hooked. It is my personal favorite, although EOS lip balm has some really great flavors in their collection. If the enticing flavors don’t hook you, the fact that the lip balm soothes your lips and takes care of them will. My lips are always so soft and smooth and look better than they have in years.

EOS is a truly awesome lip balm brand that I’ve been loyal to since that day in the office. It works better than Chapstik could ever imagine working!

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The Amazing And Unique Results Of Using WEN By Chaz

Women all over the world long for beautiful, soft, and healthy hair. Many go to great lengths to achieve their desired look with different products from different brands. Many become disappointed when they don’t achieve the results they seek from these brands. A healthy head of hair is a woman’s crown of glory and when that hair looks dry and brittle, she may feel ugly and unkempt. While there might be products that promise healthy hair, there is only one hair product that delivers on their promise. Let’s discuss WEN By Chaz and why it’s the holy grail to so many women.

Everyone wants to know what makes WEN by Chaz so unique. WEN by Chaz is unique due to a few simple things, the ability to wash and condition the hair without stripping the hair. WEN has a 5 in 1 system. WEN not only conditions, it also shampoos, deep conditions, detangles and can be used as a leave-in conditioner. It is sulfate free, so it does not strip hair, making it feel dry and brittle. After years of research, Chaz Dean, founder of WEN, has found that shampoos can be detrimental to a woman’s hair. Shampoo not only strips the hair of dirt but it also strips the hair of natural oils. Using a conditioner only base allows the hair to be clean without stripping the hair.

WEN by Chaz has five simple ingredients, making it as natural as it can be. WEN is perfect for thin and thick hair since it does not lather. It is easy to apply and easy to wash off. WEN by Chaz has natural botanicals that soothe the hair and keep it soft. After a 3 week use of WEN by Chaz, users have found that their hair was more moisturized. They also found that their hair had more shine and it was more manageable over time.

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Rona Borre was awarded as the Enterprising Woman of the year

Rona Borre is the CEO, president and founder of Instant Technology. Over the years she’s been on the front-line of leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago land. She established her company in 2001, and since the founding of the business, she has become one of the most recognized woman-owned business nationally.


Nevertheless, Rona is a public figure who has been in the limelight of the media like CBS 2 Chicago, CNBC, USA today, CNN and Crain’s Chicago. This publicity has honored her most Influential Woman in Business by the National Association of Women Business Owners and business ledger.Through her hard work and passion, Rona Borre was awarded as the Enterprising Woman of the year by enterprising woman magazine in addition to the number of accolades granted to her agency.

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Rona Borre is an erudite scholar she got her BS in Business from the University of Arizona and using her knowledge that she gained from the university she has been able to touch many lives. She motivated and passionate on delivering the best quality she can and aiding companies in accomplishing their goals.


Rona is a force to reckon, she has been through ups and downs through his career, and this rendered her to remain strong, dedicated to his job.  Click


Goettl Medium Helps to Keep People Safe and Comfortable in Their Homes

People are usually quick to take note when a building doesn’t have climate control during harsher weather. At the same time, few really give much thought to the fact that there’s people suffering from lack of climate control in far harsher environments. It’s rough living most places without some form of climate control. But it’s especially difficult in severe environments such as Las Vegas.

Nobody understands that better than people in the climate control industry. Which is why Goettl Air Conditioning has stepped in to help out a family in Las Vegas. The Stephenson family had been living without air conditioning, heat or even toilet facilities for about a decade. They’d been forced to essentially locate themselves in their home depending on the season. When Michael Gamst, the manager at Goettl Air Conditioning heard about that he knew that something needed to be done. So he quickly installed an AC and heating system into the family’s home free of charge. What’s most impressive about the change is that it’s expected to cut the family’s electricity costs by half. It’s an altruistic gesture that’s also proof of an important concept. People often think that comfort comes with cost. But extra care for a more permanent solution often ends up being a surprisingly efficient cost cutting measure when it’s done by experts.

And experts are exactly what one finds when looking at Goettl Air Conditioning. The company’s track record dates almost as far back as the existence of HVAC systems. HVAC, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning services can be a challenge in almost any environment. HVAC is especially difficult in harsh environments which offer both extremes of temperature. And given that the company began in Arizona it’s easy to see why they have a lot of experience dealing with those extremes. Arizona has a combination of harsh highs and freezing lows that one will often find in the desert.

The company now has multiple locations to best serve the needs of their clients. And all of this continues to be run under the banner of a family business. The grandsons of Adam Goettl continue to run the company in a manner which would make their grandfather proud. Whether it’s taking care of high temperatures or low they’ve been able to demonstrate that they’re up to any challenge the local weather has to offer.


George Street Photo and Video Pros at Capturing the Moments of Life

At George Street Photo and Video in San Diego we believe that your wedding album should capture the story of your wedding day. After all, its more than the simple “I Do” at the altar that you will remember about your special day. It is that look on your mother’s face as she helps you zip your dress. It is the loo k of awe as your fiancé sees you for the first time, and he realizes just how truly blessed he will be for the rest of his life. Therefore, we want to help bring each special moment of it to life. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. While we will take the more formal family wedding pictures, it is the littles ones that we capture that make our couples the happiest.

George Soros And His Views On Donald Trump

George Soros termed the president-elect Donald Trump a con man and added that he was going fail according to an article that was written by the Business Insider. George Soros was a supporter of Hillary Clinton during the recent US elections. He also termed Donald as a dictator who does not stand for an open society. Soros said that Trump would turn the US state into a dictatorship or a mafia state. George Soros is a survivor of the Holocaust and an immigrant from Hungary. Soros is said to have contributed millions of dollars to Hillary’s campaign. He was of the opinion that Hillary had more to offer compared to Donald Trump.

George Soros added that Donald Trump would turn into a dictator and added that the US institutions on Snopes are too powerful to allow such a situation to happen. Soros said that both Trump and his advisors are guided by ideas that are “inherently self-contradictory.” He added that Trump was only committed to building his brand and that it was difficult to predict the way Trump would perform since he had not clearly thought about it and he had not expected to win. Soros and many other supporters of Hillary on Investopedia were in for a big shock when it was announced that Trump was the president-elect of the United States of America.

The Business Insider also wrote another article where George Soros states that it is not business as usual in the current times and he wishes everybody all the best in a troubled world. Soros says that his family had to leave Hungary due to the Holocaust and that it is very crucial for countries to practice an open society policy. Soros became a citizen of the US after the Second World War, and he says that he knew how crucial it is to have a good political regime on Forbes in place at an early age. Soros adds that he finds the current situation very painful and that open society is now in crisis.

Soros states that leaders who have been elected do not meet the legitimate expectations of the voters. George Soros is one of the richest people in the world. He is an author, political activist, investor, and philanthropist. George Soros has involved himself with various philanthropic activities since the beginning of the 1970s. He has earned a reputation as a very active philanthropist. George Soros gave funds to black students during the Apartheid in South Africa so that they could attend the University of Cape Town. George Soros gives his contributions to the Open Society Foundation and has made contributions worth hundreds of millions for charitable causes. George Soros Contributed 742 million US Dollars to the Millennium Promise that was aimed at wiping out poverty in Africa.

Thor Halvorssen Believes Film Plays A Key Role In Protecting Human Rights

Whether it is through his own work as a film producer or through his Moving Picture Institute, Thor Halvorssen is always looking for the best ways of using his own interest in film to push forward the human rights issues he holds so dear. The first mark Thor Halvorssen made in the human rights activist community was with a protest against the Lucent Technologies company who were suspected of using Chinese slave labor in the manufacturing of their products; Halvorssen led a sit-in at a shareholders meeting in 1999 and began an activism story that has been shown in his film work.

One of the major areas Thor has sought success is through his work with the Moving Picture Institute that has proven a major film production success since it was established as a tax-exempt charitable group in 2005. As one of the founders of the Moving Picture Institute, Thor Halvorssen must take some of the credit for the success that has been achieved in funding movies with a pro-freedom agenda, and in finding new ways of making sure as many young people as possible enter the film industry in a safe and secure manner.

Thor Halvorssen himself has seen the films he has produced make waves at film festivals and award shows around the world, including the reported 15-minute ovation at the 2006 Balck Nights Film Festival given to his production about the Estonian peaceful uprising against Communist rule, “The Singing Revolution“. An active member of the Moving Picture Institute, Thor has seen the films backed by the charitable group nominated for many major awards in both fiction and documentary categories, including an Oscar nomination as the Institute continues to publicize stories that promote the need for freedom in every society around the world.


The Fascinating Story Of The Swiss Startup Factory And Mike Baur

Mike Baur loves banking and finance. This passion started during his early days when he was a teenager. It was not a surprise that he chose to pursue his passion and make a successful career out of it. Mike spent more than twenty years in the private banking industry in Switzerland. He happens to be an Executive Board member in one large Swiss Private Bank.


Mr. Baur began his entrepreneurship journey in 2014 when he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with his business partners. The corporation is privately owned and independently financed. It acts as an accelerator program that looks for digital entrepreneurs who happen to be passionate about those who invest in their businesses. The company then offers these entrepreneurs exciting opportunities to look for prospective sponsors for their ideas. The organization has managed to create a great network of investors who come from different parts of the globe.


According to Mike Baur, the CEO, the company runs an accelerator program for startups and new ideas in the country for three months. The program is non-biased and seeks to mentor and educate young business leaders towards the growth of their organizations. Opportunities for an office space, coaching, mentoring and services are offered in Zurich through this program.


During these three months, the chosen startups are taken through certain set paces and tested to make sure that they are able to create a selling idea. The idea must be very lucrative to attract the attention of potential investors. This program suits young and ambitious young people whose dream is to set the world on fire with their incredible innovations and ideas. It also gives them the opportunity to work with fellow innovators and experts in a joint environment.


The young companies that specialize in digital technologies are also given a chance to go through the structured accelerator program. This assists them to come up with the much-needed thriving, innovative power that can help them to compete and emerge successful on the global market.


Most of Mike’s free time is spent on investing in entrepreneurship events in different startups and the Swiss youth support. He provides financial assistance and coaching to the promising startups. He is also a financial mentor and in charge of the fundraising and financing at the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike holds an MBA from Rochester University and an executive MBA from the University of Bern.