Perry Mandera Changes the Game of the Transportation Industry

Perry Mandera, former US Marine Corp, Republican Ward Committeeman (and the youngest elected at that), and later, entrepreneur who found The Custom Charities which is perhaps what he is most recognized for, has had what many would probably call an extremely accomplished life for a man of less than six decades of age. Visit Blogwebpedia website to know more about Perry Mandera.

The Custom Charities, which Mandera founded in 1986, is a “Full-Service Transportation Provider”, based out of Illinois with locations all around the US. Its customers are from all walks of life and from companies both big and small.

Perry Mandera has a strong inclination to use his company for good, and it appears as if he has been quite successful in doing so. He proudly serves victims of natural disasters by delivering donated supplies to them, as well as through donating both his own time and money to many different charities, specifically those aimed at helping the youth and veteran populations. Eventually this led to the creation of the Custom Cares Charity under The Custom Charities, which donates large sums of money to needy families during the holiday season, supports many children’s sports teams and provides scholarships to children who are disadvantaged and may not otherwise have the same educational opportunities.


Perry Mandera has a pretty extensive list of recognitions, with his award of “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennia” in 2000 topping the list.

But besides his teeming professional life, Mandera has two kids and a wife at home and is extremely involved in his children’s schools, as well as his community and church (which, of course, makes sense as the entire idea behind The Custom Charities stems from a need to give back to the community). Additionally, he has coached basketball and even managed several boxers, some of whom went to compete in the Olympics.

With so much on his resume and so much life still ahead of him, I think we are all anticipating what more this man will do. View Perry Mandera at