Securus Technologies The Growing Need to Install Its Drone Detection Technology in Prisons

Ever since drones have come to the market, they have been deemed useful for a number of reasons. They are being used for many things and have made many tasks much easier for people. But, it has also gone into the hands of the criminals who are using them for illegal activities. Since the latest drones are advanced in many ways, including its speed, ability to detect them and also the amount of weight they can carry, they have also become a problem for the law enforcement agencies.


Prisons are built to help keep the criminals off the streets, but even while they are inside, many of them do not want to lose the control they have on other people. Thus, they use their associates on the outside to send illegal goods to them using drones. Some of the items they insist on smuggling are drugs, cell phones, cigarettes and other items. Using these, they have leverage on other inmates and even threaten the prison guards to do favors for them. There have been multiple guards and other people who have fallen prey to these threats. Thus, to stop the inmates from carrying out their illegal activities from inside the prison, it has become essential for the prisons to install the most advanced drone detection system.


Some of the older systems used sound or video surveillance to keep track of any drones trying to enter the prison. But, drones available in the market today are much more advanced than what they were even a year ago. One can easily find drones that do not make any sound or are practically invisible while they are flying up in the sky. Securus Technology has developed drone detection technology that would make it easier for the prison officials to learn about any drone flying above the prison and to catch it before it’s too late.