Sentient AI – The Advantages of Personalized Merchandising

With so much competition in ecommerce these days customers want and may even demand a shopping experience that is personalized to them. In a traditional store this is much harder as each customer usually has a pretty similar experience to most other customers. Since people can each view a website that is displayed to them in a unique way ecommerce stores are able to give each customer a personalized experience.

Showing the right products to the right people at the right time and at the right price is called personalized merchandising. The goal is to give the customer an experience where they will be able to buy what they want when they want in the most seamless way possible. It has been shown that prospective customers will buy 50% more of the time if their experience is personalized than if it is not.

When searching for products on an ecommerce store prospective customers often find it difficult to describe what they want with only text. Aware the personalized merchandising AI tool used by Sentient uses visual search methods to help customers choose which products they want to buy. They can choose from a few images and then decide what style they want and color of an item so as to increase their chances of being able to find exactly what they are looking for. When shopping prospective customers like to see what they want to buy rather than just see it as text. By offering a personalized shopping experience rich with visual appeal and customized more and more the more a prospective customer interacts with an ecommerce store the prospective customer is more likely to buy and to keep returning to the store.

Prospective customers not only want to see what product they want but they also want to see the product used in a way it is designed to be used. For example if a customer is shopping for a dress they want to at least see the dress on a mannequin instead of just seeing a picture of the dress without any context of how it would be worn.

When shopping in physical stores often salespeople lose prospective customers when they do not find what they want. By creating a digital personalized experience prospective customers are more likely to find what they are looking for at the time they are looking for and as a result convert a lot more than if they were in a physical store.