Single Crystal - Large Grain Niobium Technology: Proceedings of the International Niobium Workshop (AIP Conference Proceedings / High Energy Physics) -
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Field Emission Measurements from Niobium Electrodes.

Several single cell cavities produced at JLab from high-purity niobium sliced directly from EB-melted large-grain ingots demonstrated very good performance1 2 34. The main aim of the DESY R&D. Three different types of niobium electrodes were evaluated: single crystal, large grain grain size > few cm and fine grain also referred to as poly-crystalline, grain size ~ 0.13mm. The single-crystal and large-grain niobium test electrodes were manufactured from high quality material suitable for SRF cavity fabrication with.

Singer et al., in Proceedings of the International Niobium Workshop on Single Crystal-Large Grain niobium technology, Araxa, Brazil, edited by G. R. Myneni, T. Carneiro and A. Hutton, AIP Conference Proc.927, 123 2006. May 19, 2017 · This study shows that low angle grain boundaries LAGBs can be created by small 5% strains in high purity residual resistivity ratio ≥ 200 superconducting radio frequency SRF-grade single crystalline niobium Nb and that these boundaries act as hydrogen traps as indicated by the distribution of niobium hydrides Nb1-xHx. Nb1-xHx is detrimental to SRF Nb cavities due to its normal. Our understanding of superconducting radio frequency SRF accelerator cavities has been improved by elemental analysis at high depth resolution and by high magnification microscopy. This paper summarizes the technique development and the results obtained on poly-crystalline, large grain, and single crystal SRF niobium. Focused ion beam made possible sample preparation using.

Feb 21, 2015 · At the 2005 Single Crystal/Large Grain International Niobium Workshop a FermiLab program was discussed, which was aiming at two complementary goals: developing local expertise on the fabrication process with ingot Nb material and to develop an R&D program to support both large-grain and fine-grain programs to study material properties. AIP Conference Proceedings: Preface. SINGLE CRYSTAL - LARGE GRAIN NIOBIUM TECHNOLOGY: Proceedings of the International Niobium Workshop. Materials for superconducting RF technology based. Nov 05, 2006 · The increasing need for more powerful accelerators in the field of high-energy physics requires that the microstructure of niobium be modified in order to get better mechanical and physical properties,,,. Niobium should be formable enough to be deformed to the final designed cavity geometry and also should develop a smooth inner surface. linear collider as the next international, large-scale high energy physics discovery machine [1]. More than one year ago Fermilab and the Applied Superconductivity Center ASC of the University of Wisconsin-Madison UW have joined forces to investigate high purity niobium.

Development of low angle grain boundaries. - AIP Publishing.

SINGLE CRYSTAL - LARGE GRAIN NIOBIUM TECHNOLOGY: International Niobium Workshop, AIP Conference Proceedings DOI: 10.1063/1.2770681 Physical and mechanical metallurgy of high purity Nb for accelerator cavities journal, March 2010. An R&D program at DESY exploring the potential of the production of 1.3 GHz TESLA shape cavities from large grain or ingot niobium material has been carried out as a feasibility study for using ingot niobium material for the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser project. The most important issues like feasibility of the fabrication of niobium discs from ingots, material properties, cavity. High purity RRR > 200, large grain > 5-10 cm niobium ingot slices have been successfully used to fabricate radio frequency RF cavities for particle accelerators. They offer significantly reduced fabrication cost by eliminating processing steps and furthermore they provide the opportunity to study the influence of individual grain boundaries in SRF Nb. of Single Crystal Niobium Technology Workshop, Brazil, AIP Conference Proceedings, Melville, NY 2007 72-83 [3] G. Ciovati, G. Myneni, F. Stevie, P. Maheshwari, D. Griffis, Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 13 2010 022002-022021 [4] J. Knobloch, Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Hydrogen in.

Fabrication“in Single Crystal-Large Grain Niobium Technology: Proceedi ngs of the International Niobium Workshop - 2006, edited by G. R. Myneni, T. Carneiro a nd A. Hutton, AIP Conference. PROGRESS ON LARGE GRAIN AND SINGLE GRAIN NIOBIUM – INGOTS AND SHEET AND REVIEW OF PROGRESS ON LARGE GRAIN AND SINGLE GRAIN NIOBIUM CAVITIES, P. Kneisel, Proceedings of SRF2007, Peking Univ., Beijing, China Cavity 5 showed a different behavior than all other single crystal/large grain cavities after baking: the Q-drop did not disappear after. 8 "New developments in niobium titanium superconductors," D. C. Larbalestier and P. J. Lee, Proc. 1995 Particle Accelerator Conference and International Conference on High Energy Accelerators, IEEE, pp..

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