Stansberry Research is the Publisher of Choice for Savvy Investors

Porter Stansberry sounded Stansberry Research in 1999. It is publishing company with its headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland. The company publishes its research on primarily investment products and topics. It is a privately owned company, with other offices in California, Florida, and Oregon.

Stansberry Research has its own financial editors, all of whom research and publish articles on a variety of topics. The topics are of particular interest to investors, and include healthcare, biotechnology, oil, commodities, natural resources, and natural gas.

One of its Publications, the Stansberry Digest, recently covered atopic of much interest today, that is commodities. In it, the author speaks of commodities as a “boom and bust” area of investments. Commodities will go through up periods and down periods. Much of the fluctuation in price is due to the law of supply and demand.

The commodity experts at Stansberry Research express the opinion that commodities should be included to balance out a portfolio. Commodities do not follow in the same path as stocks and bonds. When stocks and bonds are high in price, as they believe they are now, commodities may be the better value. The reverse market trend would also hold true.

Stansberry Research publishes financial newsletters on a monthly and bi monthly basis, which is sent out to its member subscribers, located in over 100 countries. In a recent article Appel commodities, it discusses coffee. The reader learns that, according to the Commitment of Traders Report, coffee as a commodity is “hated” by investors. The articles are interesting and thoughtfully presented, and provide a wealth of information.

Many of the company’s subscribers have been with them a long time. That speaks of the quality of the information they provide to their readers. There are many positive reviews and testimonials posted online about Stansberry Research (Americasjubilee). The company is noted for its integrity in several of the testimonials. Others write about how much the information provided has helped them, and even more importantly, has made a difference in their investment portfolios.