Stem Cell Therapy for COPD Patients

In healthcare treatments, you want to be open to all of your options. Sometimes it’s a combination of medications or lifestyle changes. Stem cell therapy (, however, is one of the best treatments for those who suffer from a lung disease. Of course, there are other treatment options, but they only treat the symptoms of the disease rather than the disease itself.

Stem cell therapy can be performed in a variety of ways. The Lung Institute prefers to use the autologous method due to lower risk of side effects such as the body rejecting stem cells that have been collected from outside of the patient’s body. Your stem cells will be harvested from either those floating around in your bloodstream or through the bone marrow. Bone marrow is a little more painful but sometimes the only route for those who have a severe condition with extensive injuries to the lungs. Both procedures are minimally invasive and the entire treatment of stem cell therapy through the Lung Institute takes about three days.

Stem cells are unlike any other treatments. They contain the ability to replicate other tissues thus results in new tissues where others may have been damaged or even destroyed. There are Lung Institute clinics located in various states throughout the nation. All physicians are board certified and highly qualified with years of experience in this field of both treatments and conditions regardless of which clinic you choose.

The Lung Institute treats several types of lung disease whether you’ve just received your diagnose or you’ve been struggling with the symptoms for years. The first step to becoming a patient of The Lung Institute is to contact one of the patient coordinators for your free consultation. According to the, the consultation is the point of determining whether you qualify for stem cell therapy and to learn how it may benefit you.

The next step is to have the treatment procedure if you are an ideal candidate who qualifies. Like most procedures, The Lung Institute will also schedule some post care visits to be sure you’re healing right as well as including some home care instructions. Read the patients’ testimonials on