Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging With A Generous Donation To The Sens Foundation

Biotech research is advancing through Aubrey De Grey and the Sens Foundation because of Jason Hope. The one condition inescapable regardless of health, life habits, income or location is aging. This can lead to life threatening conditions and a lesser quality of life. Diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis become more common. The focus of healthcare is the treatment instead of the prevention. Most research finds ways for patients to deal with their symptoms.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope has a different view. He makes generous donations to research ways to reverse or slow the process of aging. He supports the Sens Foundation for their vital work. In December of 2010 he donated $500,000. Sens assists the public in procuring technology to counteract aging. This could counteract numerous diseases. Biotechnology is about studying and using organic systems or living organisms to improve life. Biotech development includes understanding medicine, healthier food production and agricultural methods.

The Sens Foundation was founded in 2009 for research involving programs to learn and combat aging. The Sens approach repairs living cells in the body to prevent effects caused by aging. The focus is on the causes of the diseases and ailments. They selectively fund organizations at the University of Arizona, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale. Their conferences and events reach volunteers, influencers, politicians and donors.

The leader of this nonprofit group is Aubrey de Grey. He has an extensive background in anti-aging. Jason Hope has talked about the Sens Foundation, their work and strategies. He believes they will redefine healthcare and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. He appreciates the fact Sens focuses on finding and repairing damage caused by aging before it leads to diseases and death. His donation enabled the agency to move against illnesses affecting the elderly much faster. He wants to see the population of the world rejuvenated through biotechnology.

The $500,000 donated by Jason Hope is funding the prevention of artery and cell proteins from bonding. This could prevent the hardening of arteries responsible for high blood pressure. The identification of the cause at the cellular level may prevent diseases and conditions often leading to death. Numerous scientists and researchers believe people can live for 1,000 years. This would be possible if the effects of aging were eliminated. The human body would remain healthy for an incredibly long period. The process has a long way to go but thanks to the donation of Jason Hope the Sens Foundation is one step closer.

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