The Growth of the Brazilian Construction Industry

The civil construction industry in Brazil is a strong one mainly because of its large market. In 2013, over 104,000 construction companies were employing approximately 3.5 million people in Brazil. The industry generated total revenue of BRL 340.6 billion in 2013. These statistics were published by the Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industries (CBIC).


Sectors in the Construction Industry


According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the construction company in Brazil is made up of three segments:


  • Infrastructure – this segment has over 10,000 companies which generated more than BRL 138 billion in 2013.


  • Civil Construction – there are more than 43,000 companies involved in the construction of buildings and they generated a total of BRL 145 billion as 2013.


  • Specialized services – there are over 51,000 companies in this sector, and they produced approximately BLR 57 billion in 2013.


Main Players in the Industry


1) Odebrecht


Odebrecht is the largest construction firm in Brazil with presence in 27 countries around the world. The company deals with projects in the fields of construction and engineering as well as energy and infrastructure.


The company has successfully built stadiums in Sao Paulo, Recife, and Salvador not to mention renovating the stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Besides these, Odebrecht is best known for constructing airports, ports, subway lines, and hydroelectric plants.


2) OAS S.A.


OAS S.A. Group is among the leading construction firms in Brazil. The Group is divided into two sectors OAS Engineering S.A. and OAS Investment S.A. The former carries out heavy-duty civil construction works such as airports, highways, ports and dams both in the private and public sectors. The latter deals with investments in sanitation, infrastructure, oil and gases, airports and subways.


3) Construcap


Construcap is one of the largest construction firms in Brazil. The company works in the buildings, industrial and infrastructure segments and they undertake projects like pre-construction, heavy construction, electromechanical assembly among others.


The company is made up of other small firms that undertake specific projects. The CMO Construction and Assembly Offshore S/A, for instance, is a subsidiary of Construcap, and it handles development of advanced solutions that meet the needs of the Offshore sector both in Brazil and internationally. Through its subsidiaries, Construcap has successfully built railways, airports, hydropower and dams, roads, tunnels, and bridges.