The Launch Of Fabletics And Its Subsequent Success

When Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler realized that women preferred athletic wear due to its availability and affordability, they saw a business venture that had not been perturbed before. By recognizing the demand that was portrayed by the women, they embarked on a partnership business mission that saw them co-found the Fabletics business empire. Their primary purpose was to create a clothing line that was affordable, functional, and fashionable to all genres of women.

The co-founders focused more on the demand that was portrayed by the women rather than the state of the market. Though the quality of the clothes was abysmal, the founders embarked on a searching process that would allow them to find someone fit to design an outfit that looked exceptionally good without necessarily spending a fortune on designing the clothes. The company settled on actress Kate Hudson. The decision reached was based on the appealing nature of Kate and her ability to communicate effectively with different people. This allowed her to create a robust working relationship with the clients.

Just like any other business venture, the Fabletics business was not an easy job to start and manage. As a matter of fact, Don Ressler encountered financial woes in his desire to design a complex yet affordable and desired clothing line. Thanks to his focus, experience in the fashion industry, and his determination to grow, he was able to improve his clothing line, and more people who were using the clothes were quite happy with the outcome. One thing that enabled Don Ressler and his Fabletics company to succeed and the rest to fail was the fact that Don was more versed in online marketing and promotion. This enabled him to reach out to a large number of clients regardless of their location.

Apart from this, new clients were allowed to purchase new Fabletics at a flat rate price of $50 a month. This, was however only possible if the client joined the VIP Club. This marketing plan allowed the company to get its own set of new clients as well as retain the previous clients.

The initial success strategy of the company and the desire to have a different set of clothing enabled it to grow accordingly. The success allowed the company to consider the development of clothes that were meant for plus-sized women. The Fabletics company believes that it has what it takes to provide the plus-sized women with the type of clothes that they deserve. Apart from this, if the client might be looking to lose weight, the company has put in place incentives to oversee the weight loss process.