The success story and achievements of Milan Kordestani

Stanford, California refers to the place where the life and story of Milan Kordestani began. It is his birthplace as well as the place he grew up. Following his parent’s divorce, Kordestani shifted to London with his family in the year 2009. His move towards Bay Area happened in 2010. He then joined Atherton’s Sacred Heart Preparatory from which his High School graduation took place in the year 2017.

At ten, Kordestani starting riding horses after being thrown off the runaway horse as he trail rode. Milan’s getting back up the horse and riding back represented the most incredible scenario about the memory. It is through horse riding that his dedication to achieving is expressed and thus the reason behind his commitment to his goals until he achieves even when others cannot. This transforms into him turning out to be the leading saffron farmer in line with hydroponically growing saffron on the microfiber sponges.

In line with his career, Kordestani is extensively acknowledged for his role as the Founder and CEO at the Milan Farms, Bay Area’s student, and Huffington Post’s writer. With his establishment of Milan Farms, which happened in 2015, he intended to begin his path towards creating an organic and humane system for raising poultry alongside enhancing the organic growth of entirely pure saffron. At the moment, Milan Farms offer saffron, mint and organic eggs. It has an objective of providing an honest choice for the consumers. Animals’ raising entails transparency, and only the organic options apply to their plants.

The logo and brand of the Milan Farms turned into a trademarked firm in the year 2016. From then, it intensified into three different farms distributing eggs throughout West Coast including saffron and Colorado globally. Even though Milan Farms acknowledge the tradition connected to saffron cultivation and production, they are confident about innovation. It is for this reason that apart from using drip irrigation, Kordestani is researching aquaponic and hydroponic systems associated with saffron’s growth. Even though they have been successful with both, they are still in the process of experimenting using different salinity extents in the water alongside various minerals within the water. This is aimed at perfecting the crop.