Top Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Recently Dr. Jennifer Walden has been named among the top cosmetic beauty surgeons in the nation. She has established herself as a leading cosmetic surgeon who has helped a number of people improve their appearance. Dr. Walden has had a long and successful career as a practicing cosmetic surgeon which has allowed her to develop a very positive reputation in the medical community. One of her most notable achievements has been her recent appointment toe the board of directors of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Since she has had a very prominent reputation as a surgeon, Dr. Walden has appeared on television to inform the public about her experience and expertise. Jennifer has also published a number of articles as well which have provided very interesting information about cosmetic surgery.


Dr. Jennifer Walden attended and graduated from medical school which provided her with the foundation to pursue her career in medicine. After finishing medical school in Austin, Texas, Jennifer would move to New York City to begin her residency. As a resident surgeon, Dr. Walden worked with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the entire nation. With this experience, Dr. Walden was then able to start up her own practice where she would begin serving patients independently. By having a successful practice, Jennifer was able to begin establishing herself as a leading cosmetic surgeon. She would have two sons and move back to Austin to provide them with a more suitable living environment.


One of the most notable personal attributes that Jennifer has is her warm and friendly personality. She puts people at ease whenever she interacts with them. As well as being very pleasant to interact with, Jennifer is also a very driven and ambitious individual as well. Although Dr. Walden has attained much success by herself, she often gives credit to her family for providing the support she needed to achieve her goals. As a successful surgeon, Jennifer often helps a number of aspiring female physicians and medical students reach their goals. She gives them advice and mentorship on a regular basis which gives them the help they need to attain career success in the future.