War Kings And The Mighty Trabucos

Kings who wanted to quickly conquer their enemies would use the might of the trabuco. This grave weapon was a masterpiece at destroying fortifications and laying siege to enemy positions. During the age of warfare, powerful kings would amass huge armies of warriors and specialized weapons. They would send their forces out on the field of battle to annihilate their opponents. If their enemies held up in a city or decided to hide behind sturdy strongholds, then the trabuco was used against them.

The trabuco could level cities with its power and might. The crews that operated these machines would load them with various projectiles. They could launch firebombs at their adversaries. They could also use the trabuco to thrust dead and diseased corpses at their enemies. In the past, some armies launched corpses and their body parts onto their targets according to youtube.com. The people who experienced these things were utterly horrified. Seeing a severed human limb flying over a wall put the fear of death into people. That was one thing that the Trabuco could do well.

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The trabuco was also a useful weapon for smashing through walls. In the past, many people lived behind walled cities and fortresses to survive. However, the walls and fortresses could not always defend them. Especially, from the power of the trabuco. The trabuco had the ability to shoot thick and hearty stones into a wall. In some cases, the machines could launch a 2-ton rock down on some of its enemies according to infopedia.pt. No stone wall would be able to resist this impact for long. Many towns and strongholds fell under the pressure of a trabuco attack.

Kings who like warfare knew their armies would be more victorious with a good core of trabucos. Trabuco helped to save lives because they kept soldiers from having to waste their lives through closed armed combat or sieges. Smart war kings knew the power of the trabuco and used them to their advantage. The war kings never forget the trabuco and the devastating effect that they had on their foes in battle.

Source: http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/Trabuco

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