Biological Rhythms in Clinical Practice -
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Dec 19, 1990 · Biological Rhythms in Clinical Practice is an interesting book that deals with time-related variations in human biology and the effects of these regular repetitions on a number of processes in human behavior, physiology, and pathology. It is indicated that the study and awareness of the rhythmic biological processes can allow the practicing physician to enhance the patient's response. Part 2 Biological rhythms in practice: endocrine rhythms, Eve Van Cauter; circadian rhythms in the cardiovascular system, Bjorn Lemmer; circadian rhythms in the respiratory system, Peter J.Barnes; urinary and renal circadian rhythms, M.Koopman et al; clinical immunology and allergy, Francis Levi et al; circadian rhythms of plasma amino acids. Feb 01, 2019 · Biological rhythms are the natural cycle of change in our body’s chemicals or functions. It’s like an internal master “clock” that coordinates the other clocks in your body. The “clock” is located. Jan 09, 2018 · The biological rhythms are fluctuations in physiological variables within a time interval. They have traditionally been studied from disciplines such as Biology, since biological rhythms are present in plants as well as in animals, or from Medicine; however, more and more research in Psychology is approaching this topic.

Biological rhythms are fundamental properties of nearly all living organisms studied to date. Daily, lunar, and annual cycles of biological activity have been described in cyanobacteria, algal protists, protozoa, filamentous fungi, multicellular animals, and plants Dunlap et al., 1999; Golden and Canales, 2003. Biological rhythms and their temporal organization are adaptive phenomena to periodic changes in environmental factors linked to the earth's rotation on its axis and around the sun. Carl W. Cotman, James L. McGaugh, in Behavioral Neuroscience, 1980. C Episodic Secretion and Biological Rhythms. A recent advance in the understanding of control mechanisms of the anterior pituitary and hypothalamic releasing hormones has been the discovery that all these hormones are released in pulses, resulting in patterns over extended time periods of episodic secretion. The most obvious biological rhythm is the diurnal or circadian rhythm, which results from the rotation of the earth about its axis every 24 hours. Many of our vital physiological signs, such as internal body temperature, as well as many biochemical and hormone levels, follow a daily pattern.

Cycles with a period of about a day circadian rhythms, less than a day ultradian rhythms, and more than a day infradian rhythms have all been demonstrated in human psychology and physiology, and undoubtedly comprise an important aspect of depressive disorders. Interest in biological rhythms has been traced back more than 2,500]ears to Archilochus, the Greek poet, who in one of his fragments suggests ",i,VWO'KE o'olos pvJ.tos txvpW7rOVS ~XH" recognize what rhythm governs man Aschoff, 1974. Reference can also be made to the French student of medicine J. J. Virey who, in his thesis of 1814. An improved understanding of the association between circadian rhythms and specific disease states could lead to significant changes in clinical practice and patient outcomes Figure 2. Timing of therapeutic interventions, ranging from medication delivery to major surgery,80,81may be altered based on comprehension of these biological systems.

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