Changing The World With Avaaz

Taking a part in changing the world environment and leaving the world a better place for furure generations should be on everyone’s to do list. There are issues that everyone will encounter in life to fight for. Founded in 2007, Avaaz, makes it easier to follow world, national, and regional events and lend a voice to those important issues that matter.

Members of Avaaz (anyone can join) can use their voice in numbers to stage peacful protests, sign petitions, or write letters to those in power. Given the fact that there are millions of members worldwide, the few staff at Avaaz can mobilze many members quickly to stand behind an issue. Every year a list of key issues is sent to a very large amount of random members. They cast a vote and the most votes are the issues that get addressed first. Weekly, 10,000 random members will get polled on issues that Avaaz needs to address.

The Avaaz comunity has been able to make major change on issues such as:

Avaaz helped create positive change with the Paris Climate Accords, their biggest victory to date.

Members quickly joined together on three seperate occasions to pressure lawmakers in three seperate countries to create the biggest marine reserve areas yet. Thousands of protected feet of water for woldlife renewal and research.

Avaaz members were able to mount a successful campaign against the big chemical company Monsanto to stop harmful chemical testing and selling seeds to the highest bidder. Now, there is a seed bank for the preservation of indangered seeds.

These are just a few of the major victories that Avaaz has achieved due to the millions of individuals who are members. One more important thing to point out is that Avaaz does not or will not take any lobbyist or government funds. They are member ran and donation funded for unbiased decision making.

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Ryan Seacrest Is An Amazing American Role Model

Ryan Seacrest, is best known for his involvement in hosting the over decade long TV show called American Idol. Ryan has spent countless days, hours, and months taping, and traveling for this nation wide television show. American Idol, with its host Ryan Seacrest has been the most standup millennial show ever in history. People actually grew up over years watching Ryan Seacrest year after year getting into laugh out loud battles sometimes with the judges that were on the show. Ryan also was involved in a live radio show called On Air with Ryan. On Air with Ryan still is one of the best family friendly radio shows that ever aired. The radio show would always have a segment, where Ryan Seacrest would ask his listeners to call in and tell me something Good. Listeners would call in and give the most uplifting and cheerful in their eyes, stories of courage as well as grace. Ryan also has a syndicated show co-hosted by him called Live with Kelly and Ryan. The show has a very balanced climate and tone that gives viewers the chance to see Ryan in another fashion, other than hosting by himself. In addition to his television fame, Ryan Seacrest also began a Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polish clothing collection that is a giant right now, both in stores and in the ecommerce market.

Finally, Ryan has made a valiant and triumphant effort to launch the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Geared toward helping young people, to make an impact through entertainment and sociological changes. In the hope of trying to make a positive change through curbing the influence of today’s culture. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has various locations where it can help children focus on penetrating the world around them, rather than the circumstances their dealing with presently. For instance, the Seacrest Foundation has entertainment stages setup for children to perform in various Children National Hospital locations. Mr. Seacrest in closing, has done a fantastic job utilizing both his fame and fortune, to change the world around him for the greater good of the future.

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Equities First Holdings Settles In Austrailia

They have maintained their hold on the stock-based loan market for years. Equities First Holdings (EFH) which started in 2002 provides shareholders with the option to borrow against their stocks when seeking extra capital for their companies or personal use. EFH has since expanded their offices to Melborne, Perth and Sydney, Australia giving clients even more access to their global services. Managing Director, Mitchell Hopwood explains that the space allows them to keep with customer needs when seeking their type of specific loans. EFH looks to expand their offices as well and the Australian location is a good example of that.

Clients have opportunities to use their capital from the loans EFH provides for any purpose they choose. Some may simply need an extra ounce in cash flow to leverage out investments or put it back into their organizations. The other locations for EFH include Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore and even Switzerland. However, the main headquarters for Equities First Holdings is actually based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The direct address for Equities First Holdings in Melbourne is level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. The telephone number for contact is +61 3 8688 7191, if you want to reach some one at this new location.

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The success story and achievements of Milan Kordestani

Stanford, California refers to the place where the life and story of Milan Kordestani began. It is his birthplace as well as the place he grew up. Following his parent’s divorce, Kordestani shifted to London with his family in the year 2009. His move towards Bay Area happened in 2010. He then joined Atherton’s Sacred Heart Preparatory from which his High School graduation took place in the year 2017.

At ten, Kordestani starting riding horses after being thrown off the runaway horse as he trail rode. Milan’s getting back up the horse and riding back represented the most incredible scenario about the memory. It is through horse riding that his dedication to achieving is expressed and thus the reason behind his commitment to his goals until he achieves even when others cannot. This transforms into him turning out to be the leading saffron farmer in line with hydroponically growing saffron on the microfiber sponges.

In line with his career, Kordestani is extensively acknowledged for his role as the Founder and CEO at the Milan Farms, Bay Area’s student, and Huffington Post’s writer. With his establishment of Milan Farms, which happened in 2015, he intended to begin his path towards creating an organic and humane system for raising poultry alongside enhancing the organic growth of entirely pure saffron. At the moment, Milan Farms offer saffron, mint and organic eggs. It has an objective of providing an honest choice for the consumers. Animals’ raising entails transparency, and only the organic options apply to their plants.

The logo and brand of the Milan Farms turned into a trademarked firm in the year 2016. From then, it intensified into three different farms distributing eggs throughout West Coast including saffron and Colorado globally. Even though Milan Farms acknowledge the tradition connected to saffron cultivation and production, they are confident about innovation. It is for this reason that apart from using drip irrigation, Kordestani is researching aquaponic and hydroponic systems associated with saffron’s growth. Even though they have been successful with both, they are still in the process of experimenting using different salinity extents in the water alongside various minerals within the water. This is aimed at perfecting the crop.

A Japan based Softbank Group acquires Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is an organization that majors in investment management. Three partners founded the firm as a private equity firm. It drastically expanded into a hedge fund, debt security and investment management. In 2007, the company received much publicity as it was the first private organization to be traded publicly in the United States. As a result, Fortress has experienced significant growth, and by 2016 they managed over $ 70 billion worth of investments.Fortress Investment Group core competencies involve various aspects of their business management. This includes specializing in assets investing that results to significant experience and expanding expertise in pricing, financing as well as managing physical and financial assets. Another core competency includes the vast knowledge of the companies to invest in. This is one aspect that has enabled fortress to experience rapid growth. The operating team is made up of professionals and experts in determining leading companies across the globe hence allowing Fortress to invest in such organizations.

Corporate mergers and acquisitions have allowed Fortress leadership to work with the corporate board of directors, executives and different stakeholders to execute optimal investing strategies.The company is also able to access equity capital markets as well as debts. This is achieved by acquiring low-cost financing corporates. The company is also in a position to evaluate the precise value of significant investments. Fortress has continued to thrive and experience major expansion, due to its aggressiveness and success in their operations, Japan-based Softbank Group has acquired Fortress Investment Group. The acquisition that amounted to $ 3.3 billion is expected to add investment expertise to Softbank Group. However, Fortress is expected to continue its operations independently, and it also maintains its leadership, personnel and its rich culture in the business models. Following the acquisition, Fortress stock has stopped trading, and it was removed from the New York Stock Exchange. The acquisition that was closed in December 2017 indicates that Fortress financial statements will now be consolidated on the SBG which will announce the impacts after that.

The deal was closed following the agreement, and after conditions were met including transactions approval by all Fortress shareholders. The leadership behind the success of Fortress Investment Group is a combination of leaders with skills, knowledge and experience in corporate management. Randal A. Nardone is a co-founder and a principal; he has been serving as a member of the board of directors. Nardone brings in vast knowledge and experience from his previous jobs where he served as a managing director of UBS and as a principal of BlackRock Financial Management Inc. he holds a B.A in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut.Wesley R. Edens, he too is a co-founder and a principal at Fortress, he studied at Oregon State University and acquired his B.S in Finance. Edens is also a member of the board of directors since 2006. He served as a partner and a managing director of Lehman Brothers. Just like Nardone, Edens also worked at BlackRock Financial Management.

OSI Food Solutions Dramatically Expands Production Capacity

With major offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, OSI Food Solutions sits with the giants of the meat and poultry manufacturing industry. On a global scale, the company offers all manner of different chicken, beef, and pork food products to the market. The company certainly isn’t one to rest on any previously achieved accomplishments. OSI Food Solutions continually strives to further explore its potential in a critically important industry.

In Spain, OSI’s local processing facility achieved a tremendous milestone. The company actually doubled chicken capacity. Even more impressive, the company’s full production capacity exceeded 45,000 tons. The total amount of production capacity includes chicken, beef, and pork. Huge demand exists across the globe for the facility’s output. OSI Food Solutions is doing its best to make sure demands are met.

The increase in output results from the installation of a new high-capacity production line. Doing so required a significant investment. Putting €17 million into the production line seemed like a risky investment. After seeing how the production figures of the chicken — 24,000 tons — the investment has paid off. The added production primes the company for growth. Once available product levels hit zero, supplies to distributors can’t occur. Previously, only 12,000 tons of chicken food product could be moved by the Spanish facility.

The growth of OSI isn’t limited to its project in Spain. In fact, OSI Food Solutions ventured into even more ambitious territory. Not too long ago, the company opted to buy out a major competitor’s old processing plant in the United States.

Tyson Foods once ran a processing plant on the south side of Chicago. The plant once provided 480 jobs to people living in the vicinity. Unfortunately, Tyson Foods Plant was not able to keep the plant in operation. The employees were told the plant would be permanently shut down by October 2016. In June 2016, OSI made a deal with Tyson Foods and purchased the plant for the sum of $7.4 million. With the new plant, OSI can further expand its product volume.

In late 2016, OSI garnered news from another high-profile acquisition. The company purchased the food supplier Flagship Europe. The UK-based Flagship Europe is most associated with frozen poultry and pies, but does produce other products. The purchase of Flagship Europe allows the OSI Group to distribute even more product to the market. Influence in the industry grows as a result.

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Talos Energy Acquires Stone Eenrgy, Goes Public

After acquiring Louisiana-based Stone Energy in a deal valued at $2 billion, Houston-based Talos Energy will now trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TALO. The deal leaves Talos shareholders with a 63% majority of the company and Stone Energy’s backers with 37%. Talos, previously backed by private equity Firm, went public by acquiring the already publicly traded Stone Energy instead of conducting an Initial Public Offering. The deal was initially announced last November.

Originally founded in 2012 with backing from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings, the focus of the company was always on the Gulf of Mexico. Talos rapidly established itself as one of the top wildcat operations in the gulf region and planned to go public in either 2014 or 2015, but a slump in the oil market put those plans on hold until this year. Lafayette, Louisiana-based Stone energy had filed for bankruptcy in 2016 amid the crash in oil prices after 20 years in business.

The deal will create a larger company to compete in the offshore market in both the United States and Mexican markets in the gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy president and Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Duncan calls the merger “transformational” and believes that this move will allow Talos to take advantage of its asset portfolio and capital programs in the offshore market in both the US and Mexico.

Seizing on the opportunity of loosened State control in the Mexican oil market and leveraging their experience in offshore drilling in the region, Talos struck big with their recent joint venture Zama discovery off the coast of Mexico. Drilling the first well in Mexican waters not drilled by the state owned Oil Company since the 1930s. Talos currently holds 1.2 million gross acres in the Gulf of Mexico, with 160,000 of them off the coast of Mexico.

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Dr. Saad Saad’s Selfless Services in Pediatric Surgery

Working as a personal medic for a royal family must be overwhelming since they require the best treatment regardless of the states of their medical situations. Then Dr. Saad Saad must be in a tight spot as a pediatric surgeon for Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. They only chose to have him due to his fluency in English and Arabic. Besides, the United States of America only have one pediatric surgeon with licensing from the board, Dr. Saad Saad. He also has an incredible academic record hence beating all competitions. Such opportunities are hard to come by and therefore Dr. Saad Saad must be very lucky. He got the lucrative part-time hustle while living at the Riyadh with his family before relocating to New Jersey.


Dr. Saad Saad hails from a family where everyone embraces hard work such that his other siblings also have their life layered out perfectly. While growing up, he spent most of his heydays in Kuwait but first lived in Palestine. For his education, Dr. Saad Saad pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine at Cairo University. He then got placed in England for his training. A few years later, he applied for vigorous practice in Pediatrics and Surgery in the United States of America’s Pediatric Board. Residency is usually a technical and vigorous exercise but he sailed through.


While serving at Riyadh, he became a part of King Faisal Specialist Hospital where he helped in treating numerous patients. He has operated some of the most complex surgeries for his patients. One of his major breakthroughs is when he saved the life of a young baby. Resultantly, a top-notch scientific journal made the ‘miracle’ public to inspire other people and appreciate pediatric surgeons such as Dr. Saad Saad. The Protocol Office at King Faisal Specialist Hospital alongside the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital respected his decision and believed in Dr. Saad Saad’s ability to offer them his services to the best of his ability.


Besides serving the richest families in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, he also treats children from poor families. Having been raised in a humble background, Dr. Saad Saad knows how it feels to be in abject poverty. Thus, he believes in offering equal services to people from different walks of life. Most of all, he appreciates the support and insight that he got from Dr. H Biemann, the best mentor he ever had.


While serving in the United States of America, Dr. Saad Saad served kids from Holy Land with extreme passion and professionalism. Because of his kindness, he participated in charitable medical missions to poor locations in the United States of America, West Bank, and Jerusalem with an aim of providing the best healthcare for poor children. Learn more:

Eric Lefkofsky: Positioning Tempus Labs For Positive Health Impact

For a longtime disease like Alzheimer’s and cancer have troubled the healthcare industry. At Tempus laboratories, Eric Lefkofsky is playing his part to come up with a possible solution. Tempus Labs was founded in the year 2015 with a mission to consolidate, merge, digitize, as well as clean up all cancer patient’s health records. At the same time, it would enable all physicians to learn from such data and have a better strategy to help patients in future. The company has a well-established data setup for collecting, cleansing, and analyzing molecular and clinical data to incorporate precision medicine.

The main goal for Tempus Labs is to have molecular clinical data for every cancer patient put in one place. As a result, the physicians will have an easy time making real-time and data-driven informed decisions. The integration of this data is a source of a learning platform for the physicians in understanding various patients who have cancer in a year. The data gives a clue on how patients were treated followed by their response towards the treatment. This facilitates informed decision making among the physicians towards the lives of the patients.

Tempus is among the top ten-health technologists in Chicago under Eric Lefkofsky. It is also known for unicorn funding status in the world. Over the years, Tempus has cultivated various partnerships with other health-based organizations, academic institutions, and National Cancer Institute-based Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Many oncologists from those organizations and institutions send patients to Tempus for services such as genomic sequencing. That is when the physicians begin pairing the clinical and molecular data to generate a report that is sent back to those offices.

Alzheimer is the other disease that is predicted to be solved through the big data technology. The disease has received a new approach in naming based on the biological markers like the brain changes. This unique method is not similar to the currently used one. This approach suggests that the patient is absorbed in studies. There are massive diagnosis and treatment going around the disease, which is done as early as possible.

Eric Lefkofsky is an influential entrepreneur in Chicago. He is the co-founder of Tempus and Chief Executive Officer for Groupon.

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Dr. Saab Saab: Surgeon, Educator, Inventor, Humanitarian

Dr. Saad Saad is a board-certified specialist in pediatric surgery. He has practiced pediatric surgery for over 30 years. His practice is in Eatontown, NJ. His hospital affiliations include Shore University Hospital and the Long Branch Campus of Monmouth Medical Center. The article highlights Dr. Saad’s medical career, and his humanitarian efforts.


Dr. Saad was born in Palestine having seven siblings, and grew up in Kuwait. He graduated from medical school 47 years ago with his medical degree from Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt. From there, he worked his internship in England and then came to the United States.


He is fluent in Arabic, which gives him an edge on some candidates for jobs, like the Saudi Royal position. During his four and a half years living in Riyadh (the capital of Saudi Arabia), Dr. Saad was a pediatric surgeon at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. The hospital serves everyone, from the very rich (royalty in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, specifically) to poor people, the hospital serves everyone equally.


His performed a lot of difficult procedures on children. One specifically was on a baby with an aneurysm. He saved the baby’s life, but he also wanted people to learn about the delicate procedure. He made sure a very well-known scientific publication publish the procedure, in full detail. He earned the respect of his colleagues, peers and bosses alike. In fact, the assistant chief of the hospital trusted Dr. Saad so much, he wanted him to operate on his very own son.


Dr. Saad is also Inventor. He created two inventions. One is an instrument that can be used to detect that can actually detect and find a catheter inside the body with no scanning. His other invention is an endoscope that actually has a suction feature to clean out all the mucus debris and clear the esophageal passage to see clearer. Both inventions are patented by him.


Dr. Saad made a huge impact in the medical field with his humanitarian work as well. He has done medical missions in the U.S., Jerusalem and the West Bank. He conducted surgeries on children that otherwise could never afford his services. His humanitarian efforts also extend to education. Dr. Saad created a surgical residency program in Saudi Arabia for Saudi students that was a bridge program with the United Kingdom’s Royal College of Surgeons for students to receive their UK certification right there in Saudi Arabia. Saving time and expenses, students can now stay at home to conduct their surgical residency and receive their certification instead of having to study elsewhere.


Dr. Saad Saad’s contributions have made such a difference in the world. Let us all thank him for that. Learn more: