ClassDojo is Helping Parents and Teachers Educate Kids Together.

ClassDojo is an app that is breaching the chasm between teachers and parents. Too often classrooms are built on a generic basis instead of an individual basis. ClassDojo makes it so teachers, parents, and students can all communicate on one platform. Teachers and parents can then make sure that the learning environment is a hands on as well as a personalized one. ClassDojo let’s everyone build the classroom together. Education so deeply important and do to it right, there must be communication and cooperation. ClassDojo bypasses the confusing exchange of emails and phone calls. Teachers can upload pictures and videos straight to the app so parents can see what their kids are learning on a day to day basis. Instead of the classroom being separate from the parents, it can now be a collective effort. If parents know exactly what their kids are learning and working on, it makes it easier for them to help with homework and projects. No more miscommunication. Because teachers do have to teach and can’t always reply to messages, there is a quiet time feature that ensures teachers aren’t disturbed during teaching or personal times. The app can translate messages into 35 languages so that anyone can use it and understand with ease. The app can be downloaded on any device. iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and even computers can run the app so that anyone can have access to ClassDojo. The combination of language and device capabilities makes it ideally equipped for being used for a wide variety of people in the school system.