A Review Of Vincent Parascandola’s Career

“CNN Money” named AXA Advisors, a financial investment firm, among the group of companies that are augmenting their parental and family leave policies. AXA announced that employees working full-time and on hourly basis would be allowed a leave of up to 16 consecutive weeks at full pay. This opportunity is available to the primary parent who has been in service for at least one year. The current leave period is 10 weeks. For non-primary parents, AXA will allow them a leave of up to 4 weeks. The company launched a new infant transition program that provides new parents with back-up care of up to 30 days during the infant’s first year.

Vincent Parascandola, AXA Advisors’ senior executive vice president, is the force behind the company’s innovative products and growth. He is in charge of talent management, talent acquisition, as well as retention and sales management. With over two decades experience in the financial industry, Vincent has provided the company with transformative leadership. He is an alumnus of Pace University where he graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree. His career in the industry started in 1987 when he was recruited by Prudential Company to serve as an agent. During his first year of service, Vincent was named the National Rookie of the Year. Later, he joined MONY Life Insurance Company where he held several management positions between 1990 and 2004. When he was first employed by AXA Advisors, he served as a divisional president before working as the chairperson of Advantage Group, a subsidiary of the AXA Equitable.

Over the years, Parascandola has exhibited visionary leadership, which has enabled AXA to enhance its profitability margins. AXA offers innovative financial services such as investment management and global assurance. The firm is credited for being the first insurance firm to attain a growth rate of 14 percent. The company has active presence in the Asia-Pacific region, Western Europe, the Middle East and North America. AXA strives to offer families and businesses with financial security to protect their future. Philanthropy is ingrained in their corporate culture. The corporation has been supporting different community initiatives, including artistic projects that research on how to improve human life. AXA has been supporting these causes through AXA Research Fund, which was created in 2008.