The achievement that Louis Chenevert achieved that kept UTC up

The former CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation Louis R. Chenevert, at the company he started off as being elected for the chief executive position in April 2008 and 2010 he got the chairman position. Louis R. Chenevert offered his services in those positions until November 2014 that’s when he retired. Since March 2006, he was providing his services as the chief operating officer and president in the united technologies. Before that, he held the position of president in the Pratt and Whitney that was in April 1999 to March 2006.

At the general motor, he worked there for 14 years, before even the start of him working at Pratt Whitney. At general motors what he dealt with is overseeing production as the general manager. From to date what Louis has been able to maintain since 2015 is him being the senior industry advisor of Goldman Sachs. He got the admission in the University de Montréal where he got his university education that he later was rewarded with the bachelor in commerce. In 2011, he was honored with the doctorate from the University of Montreal. He has held the chairman sit in the HFC Montreal’s international board.

Before he retired from the United Technologies Corporation, he prepared the company from the environment-friendly world. He knew that it’s was just after a while and there would be the strict regulations for the airline industry from the Canadian government. At UTC he created a system that lowered the water usage and the omission of carbon on the Louis personal craft. When the government of Canada passed the regulations that Louis R. Chenevert was aware of, UTC was among the companies that had the means of competing. Louis was able to help the company even when they were facing the deficit in profit. The smart way that he used so that to offset the deficit was that he purchased other firms and used the gain that they had, and was able to help United Technologies Corporation in offsetting the loss. There was a decrease in the spending in UTC when Louis was leading the company that resulted in saving the company $150 million in every year.

Troy McQuagge Scoops Gold in the 2016 One Planet Awards for Business and Professional Excellence

USHEALTH Group Incorporated CEO, Troy McQuagge was announced as the Gold Winner as the CEO of the Year during the prominent One Planet Awards. This prestigious international premier awards program aims at honoring professional and business excellence in all industries in the world. Various organizations across the globe are eligible to present their nominations including private and public, non-profit and for-profit as well as the largest to the smallest and start-ups.

Mr. McQuagge’s Reactions

Troy McQuagge stated that it was indeed a huge honor having been named as the winner of the prestigious award as well as the esteemed peer and industry recognition. He added that the award belonged to everyone back at USHEALTH Group Incorporated, in reality. McQuagge added that the award showed the company’s unending commitment to offering its clients with pioneering coverage that grows to match their growing healthcare needs.McQuagge on Facebook

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City, Florida. He attended the University of Central Florida, and is currently based in Coppell, Texas working for US Health Advisors. McQuagge has accumulated a huge experience (30 years) in various sales positions. He started his career in the sale of health insurance, a sector he spent most of his career in. Troy joined the ranks of Allstate Insurance back in 1983 where he worked for a number of years. He later on made his move and joined the UICI/Health Market back in 1995.

Trey McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010, and set on a journey to transform the company by first rebuilding USHEALTH Advisors, its confined distribution agency. He was in charge of managing the profitability from the health insurance sales. His primary target then was individuals under the age of 65 years. The USHEALTH Advisors was a sales subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group. The success he earned from his re-tooling of the Advisors paved the way for him to get elected as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Incorporated back in 2014. Under his leadership, the group has tasted an unprecedented profitability, growth and success in the highly competitive market of individual health insurance.

Chris Burch Business



Starting a business is a dream for many people. There are many people who are interested in taking things to the next level in this area. Over the long term, you need to make sure you are thinking about how to advance your business and career. If you want to go out on your own, you need to make sure you have a plan to make money. There are many people who start a company without a solid plan in place. This is never a good idea, and you should always think about the long term financial implications of your decisions.




When it comes to starting a business, you need a plan in place for how to spend your capital. Many people today do not understand how to scale up a business over time in order to make a profit. These are the people who borrow thousands of dollars with no plans to pay it back. If you want to have success, you need to understand how to sell your product or service. Many times, when selling a product, people do not realize how little margins they are making. If you want to advance your business, you need to be as profitable as possible int he early years. Then, you can invest that money back into your company in order to scale it over time. Chris Burch has done a great job of this over the years. That is why he has had so much success in business.


Borrowing Money?


When starting a company, many people think that borrowing money is the answer. However, there are many studies that show this only increases the level of stress that many people feel in their life. If you are going to be a great success, you need to have a plan in place to build cash flow over time. Many people today do not have this, and they are not able to take advantage of everything that is being offered in the market. In addition, you need to makes sure that your customers understand exactly what is going on when it comes to the value that you bring. Customers today are more value conscience than ever before about how companies can take them to the next level in their life.

Eric Pulier: Unsung Hero

If you have the ability to do great things, would you do it just for yourself or would you do it to help those in need? Unfortunately many people would rather do for self, but there are always an exception to the rule and Eric Pulier personifies this notion perfectly. Eric Pulier is a “man of many acts” as the old saying goes. He’s highly intelligent in a wide range of fields and he’s a people’s person as he’s done many things to better society as a whole. This brilliant thinker stands out from his peers by the things he do, rather than the things he says. Check out this resume below:


  • Winner of Numerous Philanthropic Awards
  • Founder of Fifteen Companies
  • Invested Millions Into Start-Up Companies and Capital Ventures

The million dollar question is, “what has he haven’t done or achieved? Even from a young age this guy stood out. He always seem to have a love for creation and technology. As time went own his personal talents began to shine brightly. Eric Pulier founded his first company as a high school kid, but also programmed his first computer as a small child in the fourth grade. That’s right! Many people just don’t have the talent or ambition to do these things, which makes him so great. This English/American Literature Major attended the prestigious Harvard University. Unlike most students his age, Pulier had a crammed schedule, but still found time to be an editor and column writer for the prominent Harvard Crimson Publication. Not to add insult to injury, but this guy also found time to take classes at MIT and that’s the brilliance that he possesses.

Eric Pulier has brought so much positivity to the table compared to others in his demographics. On top of his talent he possesses a strong ambition to succeed which has allowed him to live a comfortable lifestyle. We should all take a page out of his book of success as Mr. Eric Pulier has become one of the most loved, celebrated, and admired individuals in American culture.

Eric Pulier Wants To Inspire Young People To Use Technology For Great Purposes

Eric Pulier is the founder of several IT companies including Digital Evolution and Akana, and currently he serves on the board of innovation at the XPrize Foundation. This foundation’s mission is to tackle scientific challenges of the future, and to encourage young innovators to come up with feasible solutions for which they are awarded an XPrize. Pulier has already spent time inspiring young people to be more than they think they can be, and he’s always had a vision for future technological developments.

Pulier had two interests growing up, one in writing and literature and the other in computer programming. He attended Harvard where he studied both American and English literature, and also wrote columns in the Harvard Crimson newsletter. He also attended computer science courses at MIT on the side, and soon completed his degrees with high honors at both universities. He first started working with a non-profit group called People Doing Things in 1991, a group that incorporated computer programs into their endeavors for social changes in Los Angeles.

Eric Pulier founded his first business, Digital Evolution in 1994 and from that company several subsidiaries emerged. He became interested in cloud computing later on and incorporated cloud technologies in platforms such as Akana, Desktone, and also founded a cloud enterprise system called ServiceMesh, which was eventually bought out by Computer Sciences Corp. He’s also the author of a well-known textbook, Understanding Enterprise SOA.

Pulier loves young children and helped many of them through his virtual reality program, Starbright World. This program was done through the partnerships of many children’s hospitals and through an elaborate infrastructure, Pulier helped build a live video social network for children to communicate with each other. It also included virtual reality programs that showed children what was happening in their bodies, and encouraged them to fight their illnesses.

Pulier has also helped use technology for humanitarian groups around the world and finding sustainable solutions for various crises. He’s been a longtime friend of former President Bill Clinton and has served at the Clinton Global Initiative. He also helped launch the Bridge to the 21st Century as part of President Clinton’s reelection in 1996, and in this exhibition he showed how technology would evolve in everyday life, and even showed a live feed of the astronauts in the space shuttle.

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Adam Goldenberg, The Brain Behind JustFab

As far as entrepreneurship is concerned, Adam Goldenberg has already made his mark. Throughout his career, Goldenberg has gained vast experience in management, product development, and digital marketing. Goldenberg is the co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab Inc., an online fashion retailer that offers personalized shopping experience to customers. It is among the fastest growing fashion brands in the world.

Adam Goldenberg started entrepreneurship quite early. At the age of 15, he founded Gamers Alliance, an advertising network of gaming sites. Three years later, he sold the company to Intermix Media, the parent company of MySpace. After finishing high school, Goldenberg joined Intermix as Vice President of Strategic Planning. He was later promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer when he was just 20 years. He set the record as the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. It was at Intermix that Goldenberg met JustFab co-founder, Don Ressler.

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In 2006, Goldenberg and Don founded Intelligent Beauty, an internet brand incubator that specialized in beauty, personal care, and fashion. After successfully building several beauty brands, they thought of a model to merge social interactions with fashion. It was from this model that JustFab was born in March 2010. JustFab is subscription based. Members must complete a survey about their fashion preferences. Each month, JustFab selects items based on these preferences and avails them to members for selection. In September 2011, JustFab got a major boost. Kimora Lee Simmons, a renowned fashion icon, joined the company as president and creative director. By 2012, JustFab had expanded operations to Germany, Canada, and the UK. In January 2013, JustFab acquired FabKids, a children’s fashion company. The rapid expansion did not stop there. Later in 2013, JustFab acquired The Fab Shoes brand and expanded operations to France and Spain. Along with Kate Hudson, Don and Adam Goldenberg founded Fabletics, an online athletic wear retailer, in July 2013. Fabletics is the group’s fastest growing label. That is tremendous growth within just four years. In August 2016, JustFab rebranded to Techstyle Fashion Group.

What is behind this Man’s success? Goldenberg attributes his success to valuing customers and good hiring practices. He ensures that his companies collect customer feedback, and makes it a big part of the business. He says that for firms to be successful, they should hire employees who have passion, not just education and a great resume. At Techstyle, Goldenberg and other senior managers often spend time mentoring and growing team members.

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