What Makes PSI Pay A Leading Financial Transaction Firm?

For a business to achieve success, it must model its business around solving problems for its customers. This guarantees the firm of an existing client base. The business then converts the sales into profound profits.

Advancement in technology has led to the need for electronic modes of payment. PSI-Pay is a global financial solutions provider. The company prides itself on being a leader in providing their partners with a reliable, secure, and convenient way of managing payments.


For over a decade, the firm has been working with financial firms to assist them to manage online payment accounts, issue both virtual and physical payment cards, and facilitate contactless payments. The company is an allowed issuer of debit and credit cards, which are based on the MasterCard platform.

Other than providing payment solutions, PSI Pay strives to strengthen the business models of its business partners. It relies on its deep-seated philosophy to assist their partners in sales, promotion, and distribution of their payment card programs.

The firm also strives to provide innovative solutions for its partners. As is seen in the recent partnership with Kerv, a company involved in the provision of alternative payment services.

The two worked on the design, production and eventual release of the contactless payment ring. A first of its kind, the ring’s design resembles that of an ordinary ring but has wireless, contactless payment capabilities.

The PSI-Pay ring does not require the user to charge it or pair it with their phone. Users top up their account balances using existing platforms such as credit cards, PayPal, which enables them to transact in over 30 million points across the globe.

PSI Pay’s managing director, Phil Davies expressed his pleasure in having worked with Kerv towards the launch of the revolutionary product. He lauded Kerv’s contactless payment ring as an innovative, exciting, and useful solution. The product received an award in recognition of its trendsetting payment technology.

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