Changing The World With Avaaz

Taking a part in changing the world environment and leaving the world a better place for furure generations should be on everyone’s to do list. There are issues that everyone will encounter in life to fight for. Founded in 2007, Avaaz, makes it easier to follow world, national, and regional events and lend a voice to those important issues that matter.

Members of Avaaz (anyone can join) can use their voice in numbers to stage peacful protests, sign petitions, or write letters to those in power. Given the fact that there are millions of members worldwide, the few staff at Avaaz can mobilze many members quickly to stand behind an issue. Every year a list of key issues is sent to a very large amount of random members. They cast a vote and the most votes are the issues that get addressed first. Weekly, 10,000 random members will get polled on issues that Avaaz needs to address.

The Avaaz comunity has been able to make major change on issues such as:

Avaaz helped create positive change with the Paris Climate Accords, their biggest victory to date.

Members quickly joined together on three seperate occasions to pressure lawmakers in three seperate countries to create the biggest marine reserve areas yet. Thousands of protected feet of water for woldlife renewal and research.

Avaaz members were able to mount a successful campaign against the big chemical company Monsanto to stop harmful chemical testing and selling seeds to the highest bidder. Now, there is a seed bank for the preservation of indangered seeds.

These are just a few of the major victories that Avaaz has achieved due to the millions of individuals who are members. One more important thing to point out is that Avaaz does not or will not take any lobbyist or government funds. They are member ran and donation funded for unbiased decision making.

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