EOS or Chapstik? EOS Wins my Heart

Chapstik was the go-to lip balm for my dry lips. I never really considered any other brand because this one is what I used growing up and the product mom always had in her purse. I never had a problem with Chapstik, but never found anything that particularly excited me about the brand, either.

Last year after starting a new job, I watched a co-worker apply a large ball-looking substance to her lips. As I oddly looked on, she told me that it was lip balm. Curious, I asked to know more and learned information that has changed my lips forever. She explained that the product was EOS lip balm, that it was made with natural ingredients, and available on Ulta and many storesin a few exciting flavors. I had to have my own and couldn’t wait to clock out of the office that day.

I purchased a multi-pack lip balm from Target after work because I simply couldn’t decide which I wanted the most. After using the Coconut Milk lip balm once, I am hooked. It is my personal favorite, although EOS lip balm has some really great flavors in their collection. If the enticing flavors don’t hook you, the fact that the lip balm soothes your lips and takes care of them will. My lips are always so soft and smooth and look better than they have in years.

EOS is a truly awesome lip balm brand that I’ve been loyal to since that day in the office. It works better than Chapstik could ever imagine working!

Need EOS?