David Giertz Career To This Point

David Giertz is an accomplished financial professional. He has a business degree and loves learning new subjects. During his career, he helped hundreds of people with their finances. Some people struggle to invest for the future. Other people want to keep spending too much money every month.

David Giertz enjoys helping people with their finances. He helps people decide on an investment plan based on their risk tolerance. People can earn higher investment returns if they can handle additional volatility.


David Giertz has multiple certifications in the field of finance. He firmly believes in investing in his education. He reads various books each month on a variety of subjects. After working in the financial assistance industry for several years, he decided to get an advanced degree. He went to the University of Miami for an MBA. After graduating from Miami, his career became much more successful.

Investment Advice

With his experience in the industry, David Giertz is a great person to learn from. He recommends that people utilize index funds for their investments. An index fund is a proven way for people to earn positive investment returns.

David Giertz also recommends that his client pay down debt. Some people struggle with high levels of debt. Too much debt can restrict cash flow in a person’s finances. Many people struggle with student loans after graduating from college. David Giertz was able to go to college without taking on too much debt.

Next Career Steps

David Giertz has had success working for multiple companies during his career. He is excited about the future, and he firmly believes that he is making a positive difference in the lives of other people. He volunteers his time to help multiple charities in his local area. He enjoys helping people who have less financial resources than he does.