Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Labs Pave The Way For Molecular Cancer Research

A leading based research company, Tempus Labs, in Chicago Il, is attempting to simplify the tough decisions that doctors must make when deciding what treatment is best for new cancer and Alzheimer’ patients. By collecting molecular DNA/RNA data in one secure location. Doctors all across the nation would be able to tap into this diverse collection of data and be able to make more informed and precise decisions when constructing treatments for new patients. Having this vast array of data at a doctor’s fingers within seconds, would allow him or her to develop a more personalized treatment that is better designed to save the life of the patient.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky, a successful businessman and entrepreneur had the realization that there was better research on product deliver than there was on cancer research. In 2015 Eric Co-founded Tempus Labs. Eric had the insight of what was needed in order to successfully aid doctors across the nation in cancer treatment.

Co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky, along with a professional staff that is dedicated to developing molecular data base that will have a global impact on combatting cancer and saving lives. Eric and his amazing staff of doctors, mathematicians, and computational biologist believe that doctors should be provided with the latest and greatest data that can be collected in aiding them in their tough decisions that they must make daily to save the lives of their patients. Eric and his staff or aware that the mortality rates in cancer are still quiet high but are working tirelessly to compile as much molecular data as they can to aid doctors on a global scale. The professionally trained staff of Tempus is hoping that through their collection of molecular data they can help reduce the mortality rates by providing doctors with real time data.

Tempus has partnered with some of the leading academic institutions across the nation and is striving to increase its partnership with all National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive Cancer centers. Having these comprehensive centers send their patients to Tempus for genomic sequencing could possible provide the data and research necessary to help reduce or eliminate cancer.

Realizing the desperate need for more research and data, Tempus Labs and its staff have become a leader in the world of fighting cancer.

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