Peel regional strategy: A strategic policy statement and land use plan -
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Regional Land Use Plan August 2019.

2015-2035 Strategic Plan. Our 20-year vision for Peel is "Community for Life." Community for Life is a place where everyone enjoys a sense of belonging and has access to the services and opportunities they need to thrive throughout each stage of their lives. Community for Life came from citizen feedback, and reflects their priorities and hopes for life in Peel. Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan Section 2: Description of Planning Region 11 2. Description of Planning Region Unless otherwise noted, the information in this chapter comes from Resource Assessment Report PWPC, 2008b, with updates provided in 2019 in response to the 2018 Consultation. The Regional Official Plan ROP is a long-term plan used to help us manage Peel's growth and development. The ROP is important because: It gives Peel Regional Council a policy framework: a set of procedures and goals they can use to make decisions or manage other policies. The Goods Movement Strategic Plan is a five-year blueprint for action for goods movement in Peel Region. It combines initiatives based on current needs and a long-term vision for the goods movement system. The recommendations in this plan are based on data and stakeholder input.

The goal of the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan is to ensure wilderness characteristics, wildlife and their habitats, cultural resources, and waters are maintained over time while managing resource use. and Policy Statements. Strategic Plan and Regional Official Plan. Local Official Plans. 8. Long Range Transportation Plan Peel Region will have a sustainable, efficient, integrated and safe. Transportation Regional Official Plan Amendment Integrating land use and transportation planning 18.

Growth Management Strategy. Regional Council has directed staff to undertake a new, collaborative approach to plan and manage growth in Peel. Based on this direction, innovative strategies are being developed for planning, servicing and financing growth to 2041, including engaging the local municipalities and the development industry. The Government’s Strategic Regional Land Use Policy does just that. This plan for the Upper Hunter region forms a key part of the overall policy package. It follows one of the most extensive community consultation programs ever undertaken in NSW and strongly reflects the public and industry feedback. This Regional Policy Statement RPS sets out how we will manage our land, air, water, soil, minerals, energy and ecosystems in a way that meets the classic definition of “sustainable” – providing for the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet.

Peel regional strategy: A strategic policy statement and land use plan

Peel Region.

The New England North West Strategic Regional Land Use Plan represents one component of the Government’s broader Strategic Regional Land Use Policy which comprises multiple initiatives being staged over time to address land use conflict in regional areas, particularly focused on managing coal and coal seam gas issues. The. The Provincial Policy Statement, Region of Peel Official Plan, the City’s Strategic Plan and the Brampton Official Plan provide the broad policy framework in respect of both land use direction options. The Region of Peel is currently updating its Official Plan in order to reflect updates in Provincial policies such as the Growth Plan and the Provincial Policy Statement and to advance land use planning in the Region. Strategic plans address economic, social, environmental, and land use policy areas. Relevant strategic plans must be considered by proponents of State significant projects when preparing an environmental impact statement EIS. The EIS should identify how the strategic plans provide direct or implied support, or lack of support, for the project. The outcome of this review will provide Regional Council with a long term Regional strategic policy framework for guiding growth and development in Peel from 2031 to 2041 the previous planning horizon was 2031 while having regard to protecting the environment, managing its renewable and non-renewable resources and outlining a regional structure that manages this growth in the most.

Growth Management Strategy – Planning - Peel Region.

Development control policy 3.4 - Subdivision of rural land; Development control policy 4.1 - Industrial subdivision; Development control policy 4.2 - Planning for hazards and safety; Development control policy 5.1 - Regional roads vehicular access Development control policy 5.3 - Use of land reserved for parks, recreation and regional open space. use of available land and infrastructure. Provide a hierarchy of strategic plans for the metropolitan Perth and Peel region. Maximise essential urban infrastructure efficiency and equity; and, develop a coordinated approach to infrastructure and land use planning and development. Minimise conflict between land use and key infrastructure assets. Resource management objectives—statements of desired outcomes for resource values or resource use—are an important part of land use plans and are in some cases legally established to support the implementation of plans or agreements. Learn more about land use plans and legal direction in each natural resource region: Cariboo Region. The Strategic Conservation Plan is complementary to the draft sub-regional planning frameworks and provides alignment across government on a land use plan to support the growth of the Perth and Peel regions to 3.5 million people.

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