Susan McGalla and Equality at the Workplace

Businesswoman Susan McGalla is known for her helping to pave the way for women in business and position in leadership. Susan McGalla is based and works in Pittsburgh as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers.

Over the course of her career, Susan McGalla has served on a number of positions in leadership. After graduating the Mount Union College in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, Susan McGalla started pursuing a business career.

Her first significant breakthrough in the sector was when she was appointed to the positions of President and Chief Merchandizing Officer for the famous apparel brand American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Susan McGalla worked at the company for fifteen years before she moved on to start her own business. She began working as a retail industry consultant and kept at it for a couple of years. Eventually, she chose to pursue a different path and went back into the business.

In 2011, Susan McGalla achieved a position at The Wet Seal Inc. where she was appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) if the business. The brand had been stagnant for a long time, but Susan McGalla managed to breathe new life into the company. After a year and a half, she moved from the position to take on some new challenges.

Susan McGalla decided to establish a company next. She created P3 Executive Consulting LLC at the beginning of 2013. The company is a provider of advisory services in the financial sector and often worked with experts from Wall Street. Later the company started offering their services to other industries as well such as retail and marking, among else. Suan McGalla moved on from her responsibilities t the company after a bit over a couple of years as she started working for another business.

Susan McGalla believes that her upbringing had a lot do to with her success. She was brought up being the only girl among her siblings who were all into sports, and so was she. Their father was a sports coach, and he treated his sons and his daughter equally. That equality in upbringing translated into her business career.

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